Lunch Break

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Graduate school was always a busy time for students; it had been since the medieval days of old Europa on ancient Earth, and it hadn’t changed just because it was now the 48th Century C. E.  But wise students always found some kind of time to come up for air from their studies if they wished to preserve both their grades and their sanity.  Zana Sherman was no different from other students in that sense.  True, as a cyborg, she had a few not-to-sneeze-at advantages over her organic friends, like a brain and body that did not tire in the same way as an organic body did.  But the personality and thought processes that resided in that computer body still functioned in ways similar to a flesh-and-blood person; and that part of her still fatigued in ways similar to a flesh-and-blood body.  Even in this, some things never seemed to change, no matter how many centuries went by.

So Zana was taking a break for a glance at an art gallery in Vidran central city, followed by a lunch date with her mother, Ariel Sherman, before going back to the apartment she shared with another student, and a fresh session of cramming for the next psychology class.  The art exhibit focused on interpretations of winter from cultures across old Earth over centuries of time — something mostly foreign to Videra, the planet she and the rest of the family lived on, as its primary temperature gradient resided firmly in a Mediterranean-type climate.  Even the polar winters were relatively mild, and snow had never fallen on the capital city of Vidran within the written record.

As Zana moved along the walls, filled with two- and three-d artworks, she unknowingly collected glances of appreciation from the other folk in the gallery.  The cyborgs of Videra were renowned for their handsomeness, but Zana took that to the next level of magnitude, all without ever intending to.  Added to that, she was one of the most stylish lifeforms in the place; while she was by no means flush enough to satisfy her every whim, her mother and father had not seen a reason to keep her reduced to absolute penury, either.  With smart shopping, Zana could put together looks that walked the cutting, if not the bleeding, edge of fashion, and still have enough left over to afford her half of the rent and an occasional night on the beer with her friends.



I’m wearing:

  • Head: Akeruka Deluxe Rachel
  • Body, hands and feet: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Eyes: NeurolaB Inc. CYBER EYES EX-5 2.0
  • Hair: rezology Butterfly 201
  • Ensemble: Rapture Agnes dress, and leg and arm warmers (Wine) — from current Cosmopolitan event
  • Shoes: G&D Penelope Boots — available at current Cosmopolitan event
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Roho necklace and earrings (silver); Kunglers Duda bracelets (Copper) — available at current Cosmopolitan event
  • Shoulder bag: Pressed Secure The Bag (Wine)
  • Eyeshadow: Booty’s Beauty Aurora (Omega, slot 7)
  • Lipstick: Zibska Sable (Omega, slot 9)
  • Nails: Odd Eyed Cat Candace (Maitreya, slot 6)

Photographed at the Vordun Museum and Gallery’s current exhibit, Frost:  Visions of Winter (running through March 17).

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