Fast Plane Flying

With a sigh of relief, Lisavet Darchiev turned away from the gateside ticket counter and stepped away toward a nearby coffee shop on the airport concourse. She had already pocketed her ticket and other travel documents in her jacket, had moved everything metallic in her pockets into her carry-on bag, and had passed through the minor hell of the TSA checkpoint with a minimal loss of dignity. Now, with maybe two hours until her flight for Los Angeles boarded, she could get a cup of tea and put herself back together.

And, barring disasters, hijackings and breakdowns, I should make it home in time for the Oscar ceremony. Thanks be to Saints Cyril and Methodius, Saint Basil, and maybe I’ll throw in Francis de Sales, the patron of authors, for good measure. Maks might forgive me for missing the night, but Piper never would … she looks forward to our annual karaoke date every year. The thought made her giggle as she pushed through the doors to the cafe, causing a few heads to turn and glance at her in curiosity.

Truthfully, Lisavet looked forward to the “date” herself, a post-Oscars tradition she and Piper had “observed” since they first met back in 2016. She herself couldn’t sing a note to save her immortal soul; but she could play piano quite nicely. Piper, in exchange, didn’t know the difference between two keys on a keyboard, but had a fine singing voice. Between them, they usually brought the piano bar they retired to, following a round of the post-Oscar parties, to appreciative applause and cheers. Indeed, the manager had begun looking forward to their annual “appearance,” and always scheduled an open-mike night on Oscar night just for their benefit.

Smiling again, looking forward to Sunday evening as much as to getting back to her beloved Maks, Lisavet accepted her cup of tea from the barista, parked her carry-on between her legs as she sat down, and popped her wireless earbuds into her ears. Shortly, she was relaxing to an old Russian favorite — Van Cliburn’s winning performance of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 from 1958. Enjoying this would take up maybe 30 minutes of the wait before boarding ….


The details:

  • Head: LAQ Noelle Bento 3.06
  • Body and feet: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Hands: Vista ProHands 2
  • Eyes: IKON Hope (Sapphire)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Walin
  • Outfit: Hilly Haalan Rhea (Patterns) (available at Cosmopolitan through Feb. 23)
  • Sandals: Zaara Kolhapuri (gold)
  • Accessories: HAYSURIZA glasses (vintage); Oukenback Petite Pois duffle bag (Purple); Yummy Art Deco rings; Mandala Nyorai earrings; Dionysia Designs gold Russian Orthodox cross necklace
  • Eyeshadow: SlackGirl Rossanna (Omega, slot 2)
  • Lipstick: Zibska Miya (Omega, slot 2)
  • Nails: Encore Metallics (slot 8)

Photographed at Graviola Airport

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