Lisavet Darchiev sighed as the door closed behind her and Maks Derbensky, her lover. “Thank God and the saints, we’re home,” she said in Russian, since they were by themselves instead of with American or British friends, and she crossed herself in the Orthodox style. “I love the Oscar ceremony; I love the parties; and I love getting together with Piper. But I think I love most getting home afterwards, so I can put up my poor aching feet!”

Maks chuckled as he locked the last deadbolt and clicked on the door alarm. “You have but to blame your ‘poor aching feet’ on yourself, Liza, and your penchant for stiletto-heeled shoes. And kindly do not tell me, my tsarina, that you’re getting too old for the social rounds. Besides limiting your access to the power brokers and business opportunities in this crazy city, that’s simply no fun at all.”

“Oh, there are all sorts of ways to have fun, lapochka, besides the party circuit.”

“Indeed …. And were there any particular ways you had in mind … dear Liza?”

Lisavet smiled at the undertone in Maks’ voice, and decided to have a little fun. “Of course there is,” she purred as she fingered the lapel of Maks’ evening jacket.

“Such as …?” He leaned in closer.

“Well …,” she began in the same sultry tone; then she pulled back and said, “Chess, for one thing. And swimming in the ocean with friends, and volleyball; bicycling in the hills; trips to the bookstores … I think you get the idea.”

Maks blinked and stared, befuddled for a few moments. Then he broke into a laugh, and swept the gold-clad author into his arms. “Are you sure there are no other ways, Vashe Velichestvo?”

“Oh … perhaps there are a few …,” Lisavet conceded with a smile. Snaking a hand around his arm, she rubbed a finger over Maks’ lips, and feather-kissed him. “Perhaps … you could suggest a few, moy lev?”

His smile deepened, and he led Lisavet over to the chairs by the fireplace ….


The details:

Harper (as “Lisavet Darchiev”) wears —

  • Head: LAQ Noelle 3.06 Bento
  • Full body: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Eyes: IKON Hope (Sapphire)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Carlota
  • Gown: Son!a Lori (gold)
  • Shoes: SlackGirl Ana
  • Accessories: Dahlia Lilith clutch; Zuri Rayna Comet suite (necklace, earrings)
  • Nails: euphoric Mishi (available at Cosmopolitan, 2/25 – 3/9)
  • Eyeshadow: Booty’s Beauty Mystic (Omega, slot 2)
  • Lipstick: Zibska Miya (Omega, slot 2)

Conan (as “Maks Derbensky”) wears —

  • Head: Akeruka Ray 2.6 Bento
  • Body: ADAM mesh body 1.4b
  • Eyes: IKON Odyssey (Midnight)
  • Hair: Alli & Ali Gao
  • Suit: Lapointe Bastchild Marc white tuxedo
  • Shoes: hoorenbeek Chelsea suede

Photographed at my home

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