New Friend of the Fairelands

I was looking for a breakfast restaurant this morning, when my phone went off. The call was from Morgan instead of a robocall computer, so I answered; “Hey, newb, what’s happening?”

“You tell me,” Morgan said, sounding bewildered. “I was wandering around the commons up on your starbase, when a glowing blue ball popped up in front of me. It’s still here, sitting in front of me, and I can’t get away from it; it follows me around. Do you have something loose up here I need to worry about?”

I stiffened with worry; then I remembered the date, and grinned. “A blue ball, sort of pulsing?”

“Yeah. Is it dangerous??”

I chuckled. “Nothing’s dangerous in Second Life, not to you as a person, anyway. And I don’t allow combat meters on my sim. If my guess is correct …. Go ahead and touch it.”

“You sure?”

“Quite sure. The same thing happened to me and Jemmy last year. Go ahead.”

“Okay,” Morgan said. She still sounded doubtful, but willing. A few seconds passed, then she came back: “DAMN!!!”

“You like?”

“Yeah! But what’s it all about?”

“It means that the Gates are almost open …. Give me coordinates, and I’ll explain it all to you when I get there. Believe me … you’ll love it, and so will a lot of other people when the Faire is over. And there’ll probably be a blue ball popping up for me, too, today.”


The Fairelands are coming! Be sure to attend, and be sure to be as generous as you can!

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