One for the Road

I can’t say why we keep ending up at clubs and bars and coffeehouses, except they’re convenient places with lots of poses laid in already, and often props to help out as well. Of course, for this song, a bar or club is really needed.

It’s quarter to three
There’s no one in the place ‘cept you and me
So set ’em up Joe
I got a little story I think you oughta know

We’re drinking my friend
To the end of a brief episode
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

I know the routine
Put another nickel in that there machine
I’m feeling so bad
Won’t you make the music easy and sad

I could tell you a lot
But you gotta to be true to your code
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

You’d never know it
But buddy I’m a kind of poet
And I’ve got a lot of things I want to say
And if I’m gloomy, please listen to me
‘Til it’s all talked away

Well, that’s how it goes
And Joe I know you’re gettin’ anxious to close
So thanks for the cheer
I hope you didn’t mind
My bending your ear

But this torch that I found
It’s gotta be drowned
Or it soon might explode
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

“One for the Road,” written by Doris Tauber and Johnny Mercer
© Warner / Chappell Music, Inc


The details:

“Jo” is wearing

  • Head: LAQ Lisa 3.06 Bento
  • Body and feet: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Hands: Vista ProHands 2
  • Eyes: IKON Sovereign (Fjord)
  • Hair: Charme Gabie
  • Dress: Celestina’s Weddings Lily (cherry)
  • Shoes: Mosquito’s Way Lorena heels
  • Accessories: Kunglers Carly ring (right hand); On a Lark Eternal Love ring (left); Lazuri Perles de Gloire earrings and ring (left); Dahlia Lilith clutch
  • Eyeshadow: SlackGirl Dynamica2 (Omega, slot 3)
  • Lipstick: Glamorize Diva’s Dance (Omega, slot 7)

Photographed at Elysium Club

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