Research Paper

In the 48th Century, most organic lifeforms tended to carry several preconceptions about the way that Videran cyborgs lived their lives. The all-too-common impression was that all a ‘borg needed to do was glance at a filmpage or a screen, read the contents, and they knew everything there. However, as Zana Sherman could testify all too well, taking in data was not the same as actually learning. A ‘borg’s computer brain still needed to train on how to use the data, to analyze and discuss, in order to act on the information it received, just like an organic’s. And you needed to prove that acquired knowledge to the Powers That Be, in order to get the accreditation the law frequently required. Such as Ph.D.s in psychology.

Which was why Zana was now where she was, observing a shift of the operations crew on one of the private starbases orbiting Videra, gathering information for a paper due one of her professors. Psychology of xenospecies was her focus of study, and this shift was strongly populated by non-humanoid lifeforms. Indeed, by a fluke of scheduling, two sisters from the planet Tibeon were holding down the main operations chairs during this shift. Staying as unobtrusive as possible, asking the minimum of questions on what they did and why, Zana still found herself tapping reams of notes into her tablet.

Later, as the sisters were waiting for their lunches inside the station commons, Zana learned more about how they kept from situations where they might start bickering with each other when they worked together, like on this day. The sister on the right, who called herself Kuji, glanced over at Vasi with a grin that was returned, and said that it wasn’t easy, except for one thing: the lives of people both outside and inside frequently depended on their decisions. They had realized long ago that they couldn’t let disagreements blow up between them.

“I’d love it if I could convince my own brothers of that,” Zana laughed. “You wouldn’t believe the bickering we’ve gone through at times just in non-critical situations. I’m glad you’ve found the secret.” The sisters laughed along with her, and then Zana asked, “Incidentally … if it isn’t too personal a question … you say you’re sisters, but you don’t look like you’re from the same species. Is it something I’m not aware of about you people, or do you just visit someone who knows a few tricks of the biosculpt trade?”

“Biosculpt,” Vasi said. “Our natural skin is actually a very deep green. We desired to stand out more than that, and so we took advantage of some quite liberal elective benefits at our previous employer.”

Kuji added, “We’d be glad to share the name of the clinic with you.”

Zana smiled slightly and shrugged. “I’m afraid it wouldn’t do any good in my case, even if I desired to.” The sisters gave Zana curious looks, but she didn’t elaborate further; none of the ‘borgs ever disclosed the secret of how their species was created, for fear unscrupulous types would acquire it and use it for ill purposes.

The ‘droid waiter arrived with the sisters’ food and a cup of Judarian tea for Zana. As Kuji and Vasi fell to eating, Zana said, “I must say you two are the most stylish space workers I’ve ever seen; and my family’s done a fair bit of star traveling.”

Vasi laughed. “Working for a private company instead of a government has its advantages. Anyone working outside has to be in a regulation skinsuit; but the rest of us can dress as we wish, within reason.”

Kuji nodded and said, “And, since we get paid very well for working in space, we’re able to indulge ourselves somewhat.”

Harper wears:

  • Head: LAQ Ana 3.05 Bento
  • Full body: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Skin: Fallen Gods Tao (Pearl)
  • Eyes: Cerberus Xing Osseous Species (purple) (gacha)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Tassi
  • Outfit: AsteroidBox Idalia top and skirt
  • Jewelry: Liziaah Cecilia earrings (crystal); Cyber-Tech Disc Watch; Donna Flora Heritage Tanya ring
  • Shoes: Renegade Taylor
  • Eyeshadow: Zibska Reticle (LAQ, slot 5)
  • Lipstick: Alge’s Designs Moraine (Omega, slot 3)
  • Nails: Formanails Claws XXL

Morgan wears:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods Evolution (Opal Argentum)
  • Head: LAQ Zahra 3.05 Bento
  • Full Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Eyes: Cerberus Xing Osseous Species (ruby) (gacha)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Leroy
  • Nails: Ascendant Lamarr (01)
  • Outfit: Lana Diana top and leggings
  • Timepiece: Ensō v1.0 (white)
  • Shoes: Renegade Caty
  • Eyeshadow: SlackGirl LAQShad2 (LAQ, slot 1)
  • Eyebrows: JUMO Foxie eyeliner (Omega, slot 3)
  • Lipstick: 1. Booty’s Beauty Trust Me (Omega, slot 12); 2. Zibska Trib (LAQ, slot 1)

Jem wears:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods Pure (Gold)
  • Head: LAQ Ana 3.05 Bento
  • Body and feet: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Hands: Vista ProHands 2
  • Eyes: NeurolaB Inc. Cyber Eyes EX-5 2.5
  • Hair: Lamb Dream
  • Outfit: Rapture Dagna (Old Indigo) (gacha common); Maddict Starlet leather pants
  • Shoes: Like Design Marbella
  • Jewelry: EarthStones solitaire necklace and stud earrings (Ruby)
  • Eyeshadow: Shiny Stuffs Liquid Gaze (LAQ, slot 30)
  • Lipstick: Alge’s Designs Justine (Omega, slot 6)
  • Nails: Odd Eyed Cat Chloe

Most starbase components by Exosphere

Photographed at my home and starbase

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