“… [I]n the absence of sensory information, the imagination always tends to the grotesque.”

Patrick McGrath

I’ve been doing a little cleanup in my Inventory, and found this gown. It’s vintage now, along with the hair and fur, but worth sharing in some photos.

“I had a curious feeling that I was living on several planes simultaneously; the overlapping of these planes was confusing.”

Anna Kavan

“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

Philip K. Dick

I’m wearing:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods Pure (Ivory)
  • Head: LAQ Ana 3.05 Bento
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 5.0.2
  • Eyes: ~By Snow~ Alienite (Chrome)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Serene (vintage)
  • Gown: Modern Couture Mystic (vintage)
  • Accessories: Wicca’s Originals Jadis headdress (Purple (vintage)); RealEvil Elektra rings (part of rings/nails set); ; Kunglers Isis bracelets (amethyst); Lazuri Cocoa Island ring (2 Stn Right); .AiShA. Neck Corset Web (Dark Gold); Agata mode Carla fur stole (white, vintage)
  • Boots (hidden): KC Couture Yoshee
  • Eyeshadow (application order): JUMO Leona (Royal); Velour Selena eyeliner, Tintable #2 [BOM]; White~Widow Falling Star (Silver (vintage))
  • Lipstick by Zibska (item unrecorded)
  • Nails: SlackGirl Classic Stilleto [sic] Mesh Nails

ARC: 79,976

Poses by PosESioN

Full-size photos available at my Flickr stream

Photographed at Inferno by Noke Yuitza (the GBTH project region)

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