Job Interview

Lady Ariel poured cups for both of them as Taraia dropped into a corner of the couch, then settled herself in a club chair. After a few moments of chatting that Taraia recognized as “ice-breaking talk,” the golden cyborg said, “So … what made you interested in dramaturgy, Ms. Wolworth? It certainly is a nearly endless profession, at least as long as people demand new works. And the increased number of productions similar to our revue here at The Land of Fantasy … notice I don’t say ‘imitators’ … gives you opportunities to write any number of plays or productions. But it’s not an easy field to gain a reputation in.”

“I understand, lady,” Taraia said, “although the same could be said of performing the plays.”

“True on that, and a point to you. Both professions rely on us finding ways to please the demanding public.”

“As for me, though, I can’t say really what made me so fascinated with writing scripts for performance. All I can say is that enjoyed writing since I could dictate words clearly into a computer terminal.”

“Is that your preferred medium?”

“Well, really, no. I actually prefer getting my thoughts down on real filmplas in a bound journal first. But, when you’re in tertiary, you gotta keep up with the classes, and I just didn’t have time to write, then transcribe it by dictation.”

“I understand; I’ve been there myself a few decades back,” Lady Ariel smiled. “You believe your work is better in longhand?”

“Yes, I do.”

“And how about here and now, in an actual professional setting?”

Taraia hesitated, then shrugged and plowed on. “If it’s permissible, I’d prefer to go back to longhand. As I understand, you don’t need fresh material every day, or even every week or month.”

Sherman nodded with a thoughtful expression, then said, “Are any of the five scripts you submitted along with your CV written that way?”

“All of them were, lady. They’re my best work.”

A smile flickered across Lady Ariel’s lips, just long enough for Taraia to notice; then the politely pleasant expression was back. “And how well could you work in a corporate environment, meaning as part of a team building a property together?”

“I can do that, lady, with no problem. I actually enjoyed working in teams during classes.”

Several quiet moments passed, Lady Ariel studying her with her strange, flashing and spinning eyes … and then she smiled slowly, and stood, holding out her hand once more. “In that case, mistress, I’d suggest you find yourself a stationery store and stock up on notebooks, because you’re gonna need them.”

Taraia blinked, and whispered, “You mean … I have the job …?”

“Well, since I am the chairwoman of the company, and still do star turns on occasion in the revue, I’d say that I can safely tell you that you’re hired. And I promise you, you’re gonna work hard to earn your pay. Come on over here.” Sherman led Taraia across the room to the oppose wall from the couch, where a framed poster was hung. “This was the third production we put on in the revue. It took four years to write, block and stage, as much because we were trying to steer toward all-original material instead of being essentially a ‘tribute’ show to music and performers from the past. There’s been one other show since then; it’s time for another now. The staff writers already started working on it two months ago, but new input and views could always be used. As I say, you will be on probation for the first three months. But, if what you write in that time is good enough, you’ll get a firm job offer at the end of that, and at one of the better salaries in entertainment. Interested?”

Taraia’s smile couldn’t grow any wider. “I’m very interested, lady, and thank you for the chance!”

Ariel’s details:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods Pure (Gold)
  • Head: LAQ Noelle 3.06 Bento
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 5.0.2
  • Eyes: Less is More CyberEYE 3.0 (DEUS EX – SMALL)
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Oriana
  • Dress: Hache Glam (previously available at Ænigma event; may not be in vendor’s store at writing)
  • Shoes: Loordes of London Gold Drape
  • Jewelry: Kunglers Anessa necklace and Valeria rings; EarthStones Solitaire stud earrings (Ruby)
  • Eyeshadow (BoM): Booty’s Beauty Storm Cloud (13)
  • Eyeliner (BoM): Shiny Stuffs Neuromantic Tech Liner 2 (tintable) (Available at Cyber Punk Fair through 6/7)
  • Lipstick (Omega): Booty’s Beauty Jam (slot 6)

Taraia’s details:

  • Skin (BoM): Belleza Bianca (Mocha – Blk Brow)
  • Head: LAQ Zahra 3.07 Bento
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 5.0.2
  • Eyes: Ikon Sovereign (Rustic)
  • Hair: Vanity Hair Little Lies
  • Dress: Hache Replicant (previously available at Ænigma event; may not be in vendor’s store at writing)
  • Shoes: Ohemo Kylie sandal heels (black)
  • Accessories: KC Couture Sady clutch; Cae Jordyn earrings
  • Eyeshadow (LAQ): Zibska Photine (12)
  • Lipstick (BoM): Zibska Rival (16)
  • Tattoo (BoM): Shiny Stuffs Neuromantic Tech Blue 1
  • Nails (prim): Ascendant Shattered Glass (08)

Photographed at my home

Thanks, as ever, to Morgan for posing with me!

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