About Us

Harper Ganesvoort — Publisher, Chief Correspondent and Model/Photographer

Harper’s rezz day is October 11, 2007, making her fairly mature in Second Life terms, though not one of the originals of the Grid. She launched this blog a little over a month later. At one time she dealt in art prints through a store named Harper’s Fine Arts and Photographs; but her primary interest is writing, photography and discussion of the news of Second Life where possible.  In Real Life, she comes from Calhoun County, Michigan in the United States, but lives today in the central Alabama area with her husband and two children.

Conan Bankersbox — Senior Photographer

Conan’s rezz day is May 23, 2011. His primary purpose, as he puts is, was “to serve as the pathway for funneling Linden dollars to my daughter, during her flirtation with Second Life.” His daughter fell by the wayside from the Grid, but Conan has stayed on, working occasionally with Harper on projects before forming the second leg of the current AtG structure in late 2015. He poses occasionally with Harper, but his main interest is landscape photography.  Born in the United States, he grew up and currently resides RL in Saint-Lazare, Quebec with his family.

Jem Sternhall — Correspondent and Model/Photographer

Jem was looking for a creative outlet for herself, and Harper (a Real Life friend back in her Michigan days) suggested Second Life to her. Jem enjoys the paired posing sessions, and has also done solo work by herself for the blog, as well as joining Harper and Conan in storyboarding some of Harper’s short fiction.  She lives in RL in Maine.

Diana Myeong — Correspondent and Model/Photographer

Diana’s family is Korean in descent, and she chose to honor that ancestry in her choice of screen names.  She herself lives in central Pennsylvania, near the State College area.

Morgan Vanderzwaan — Model/Photographer

Morgan’s last name is a giveaway — she came up with it because she comes from the “Dutch Crescent” of Michigan, as does Harper.  She lives RL in the Kent County area.

Posted November 19, 2018 by Harper Ganesvoort

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