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Tholosa, the Witch-queen

October’s here!  Time to start getting in gear for Halloween, and I’ve got just the thing here.  I was going to just publish these on Flickr, but at least a few of them are pretty decent; so I’ll do the same thing here as I did on there, publish them with text beneath to explain each scene in my story.  It’s definitely a first for me, I’m not sure what Harper would have to say about this one.  But if she can publish her stuff on here, so can I, and she’s been encouraging me to. You get to judge how I do.

Fair warning disclosure — there’s a lot of large pictures here.  Have patience if it takes a little for them to load, please.

You can see the entire original collection in full size in the album on Flickr (aside from several I’m adding in here to help bulk out the collection, or that I reshot with Conan to improve things).



Tholosa the Exalted, the Witch-queen of the Empire of Oshor Chih — known not as The Exalted by her enemies, but as Tholosa of the Grave — takes her ease in her palace’s apartments, beneath a statue of one of the strange gods she worships.  Even in the gloom of her rooms, this strange woman, who has conquered and absorbed into her empire kingdom after kingdom, glows with a shell of power.  This encourages her unlettered slaves to believe in her as a goddess, and puts to use the undesirable effect of all the sorcerous protections she has cast about her in self-defense.

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In Need Of A Little Help… (via Starlight Exposed)

Passing this on to help out. If you’ve got some loose lindens, why not spread a lil’ linden love this way?

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via Starlight Exposed

This Is Not Comfortable

Stuck in a pillar while trying out an animation

Okay, this is not what I had in mind when I went to try out this sleeping animation….

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