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Machinima Shot at Time Portal

Jemmy happened to do a piece the other day from a club located in Time Portal. As it works out, I received a message from Frau Jo Yardley, informing members of The 1920s Berlin Project about a machinima set inside the 1920s-1940s section of the region. Here it is:

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The Spoils of Annwn

One of the book series I’ve enjoyed was the Copper Crown series by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison — The Copper Crown, The Throne of Scone and The Silver Branch (actually a prequel), which blend science fiction, medieval fantasy, adventure and romance into a fantastic whole.  Part of the story was derived from Preiddeu Annwn, or The Spoils of Annwn, a medieval Welsh song-poem.  There’s lots of puzzles in this piece, and it’s beauty holds up well in the translation I’ve heard recited of it.

I heard it recited here in Second Life, specifically.  An exhibit built by a class at the University of Rochester celebrates this poem in high style and multimedia.  Teleport to the sim and follow the instructions carefully to enjoy the whole experience!

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Photo Tips from Berry Singh

Here are some photo tips from Strawberry Singh, which I discovered today on New World Notes — thanks, Ham!  Even old hands can learn new things, and I discovered some goodies about WindLight and Firestorm I didn’t know about.

Be prepared for maybe a minute of dead air at the beginning as Berry is getting things set up; don’t touch your dial, as she’ll come in soon.  Additionally, be prepared for a photobombing visitor in the background close to the end — a rather “EEEwwww”-worthy Hallowe’en clown (grin).

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Return to “The Carnival Is Over” — In Video Form!

When I did the original article “The Carnival Is Over” back in April, I strung the photos I selected to the lyrics of an old Seekers song, and included a clip from an Australian television show at the bottom to give everyone the chance to hear the actual song, one of my favorites.

But I had all these photos that I shot — I try to take at least 15 photos for any session I do, other than landscape and candid work, so I can pick the best from the collection’s contact sheet for use in an article, as well as on Flickr.  And, while I was fiddling around the other day with things, I realized I have the tools to make a sort of video from all those photos; and so I said to myself, “Self,” I said, “you’re gonna make that video!”

The sad thing is that Mignonne region, where I did the camera work, is now closed and sunk beneath the tides of the Great Virtual Sea.  I wanted to go back and see if I could do some more work to better fill in the story, but that was now impossible.  However, I think I did a respectable, if not Oscar-worthy, effort with the 30 photos I did have, and I offer it to you for your enjoyment.  Please tell me what you think!

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Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September

Second Life is about more than fashion, than sex, than dancing and parties.  Second Life is about what you make it — completely and truly.  Fashion and pretty vistas are mostly my thing (especially because I don’t have the tools or time to do the creations I’d really like to attempt), but others have done far more creative work.  For instance, The Basilique Performing Arts Company has produced a movie, based on their very popular performance of Bunyan’s Paradise Lost.  You can find out lots of juicy details here, including how to win a shot at L$20,000 in a photo contest!

Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September.

Paradise Lost The Movie Contest

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12 Years and Still Rezzin’

Machinima by Inara Pey

SL12B begins tomorrow, June 21 at noon SLT.  You have a week to check out this year’s community fair, and I hope to see you there!

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New World Notes: Weekend Second Life Machinima: “Smooth Criminal” Dance Video That’s One-Take, Shot-Handheld, Super-Cool

I wasn’t able to watch this entire machinima when I first pulled up the article, but I will catch it later.  This…is…good.

New World Notes: Weekend Second Life Machinima: “Smooth Criminal” Dance Video That’s One-Take, Shot-Handheld, Super-Cool.

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Incredible Promo Machinima from The Secret Store

I love getting notices on blog articles from my colleagues; there’s so much good stuff out there.  Check this out (with thanks to Iris Ophelia at New World Notes):

I’ve just watched this myself.  As Iris says, this is one of the smoothest machinima I’ve ever seen, as well as a crackerjack promo vehicle for The Secret Store.  Applause and props to Maylene for making this piece!!!

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BBC London 2012 Machinima Trailer


Back to the Olympic theme as the fortnight of the London 2012 Games winds down.  Here’s the teaser commercial the BBC was running before the Games began; I was lucky when the Beeb’s embed code wouldn’t work in WordPress, because it forced me to search it up on YouTube, and find a full-length version.

The great thing about this, besides the sheer spectacular beauty of the entire concept, is that it’s all done in the box as a machinima.  There isn’t a live frame in it anywhere!  It wasn’t filmed in Second Life; I’d love it even more if it had been. The idea, of course, is that the whole of London, and even England, is the backdrop for the Games.  You have fishing trawlers laying down lane floats for swimming; boxers in a ring at a cargo port; runners racing down an East End street (with the finish line in front of a shop with the sign Photo Finish); a gymnast doing floor exercises on a pedestrian bridge in the City; an athlete using the south-shore beaches as her sand pit for the long jump….  And all around in the background, you see the upper edges of the Olympic Stadium, showing that the whole country is watching.  Take a look at this thing — you’ll get the idea.

The BBC liked this so much that they use still and partially animated concept frames at the bottom of each of their Olympic Web pages.  If you want to see them (a few of them pop up only rarely), run off to their site and go to the bottom of each page.

Summon the Heroes — Again

I originally published this in 2008, during the Beijing Olympic Games, and I’d still like to see someone who can shoot machinima try this idea out.  With the Opening Ceremonies of London 2012 about to kick off, I offer this up again, and hope someone will accept the challenge!  (Plead, beg, whine….)

So, does anyone out there want to become the Bud Greenspan of Second Life?


I’m an Olympic Games fan; have been since about 1984, and the Sarajevo Winter Games, as a matter of fact. I’ve always preferred the Winter Games, but the Summer Games are good as well….

I bit the bullet the other night [back in 2008, remember], and bought a CD from 2000 of music composed or suggested for the Olympics, including three of John Williams’ major works: Olympic Fanfare and Theme, The Olympic Spirit — and Summon the Heroes. I was going to embed a video here of someone playing it, but the versions I found just didn’t catch my interest — including the Opening Ceremonies in which it was debuted! Probably because I have the full version of the music on that CD. But you’ve almost certainly heard at least part of it at some point if you’ve seen a Games since Atlanta 1996. Williams has mastered the composition of triumphant fanfares, creating uplifting numbers that stir the blood and call the listener to heed and celebrate.

While playing this, I had an idea for a great machinima come to me, one that would be perfect for an Olympic Games. Sadly, I can’t seem to shoot movies worth crap in SL (I have to study Torley’s or someone’s tutorial, ’cause I can’t get the thing to save a file or something); it would take a cast of dozens, if not hundreds of avatars; and it wouldn’t be ready until the next Games. (It could be filmed and released between the main and Paralympic Games in Beijing, but there would still be the problem of logistics and cast to pull together. Now I know how they feel when they’re trying to pull together a movie in pre-production in Hollywood!) So I release the concept into the Void by Creative Commons; and, if someone can actually film the thing…, please give me a role and a credit (and 2% of the gross, if any [grin]).

As for sets, there are plenty of builds across the Grid that could fit the need of the concept; the only one I could think of needing to be built would be a classical-type arena. (I’ve looked at the Gladiatorial Arena in Roma; besides the bloodstains on the floor, the build is over ornate for what I picture. Something more classical Grecian is in my mind, or at least similar; I’d prefer a look that wasn’t necessarily identifiable to any particular culture. Perhaps if something like an oval-shaped Greco-Roman amphitheatre could be done! But I doubt you could really get away from the Grecian elements and make it “universal”; the results would be too bland.)

Read the “concept pitch” following the break….

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