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Where To Find Gift Cards In World?

Where do you find them?  Why at this list of places, of course!  If you’re planning on some Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, go down this list and see if there are any stores listed that they love.

And, if you have a Plurk account and know of one that hasn’t made it on the list, be sure to add it!

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Fighting Through Koinup Difficulties


I used to prefer Koinup, the European site devoted to photos from virtual worlds, as recently as a year or so ago.  Frankly, I always seemed to get more attention from people on Koinup than I did on Flickr, and I was acquainted with Pier, its Italian founder.  At one point, though, the owners chose to sell Koinup to another group — possibly, based on information from the site, because running it was clashing with more paying jobs — and the new owners have chosen an apparent policy of malign neglect.  Site difficulties take several days to fix with no information on what’s going on, which is insanely frustrating.

Just as importantly, the group section has become filled with spammers listing groups that have no function other than taking up space, the owners won’t delete any of them despite repeated complaints from several accounts, and it’s been impossible for months to use the group search function to sift through all these bogus groups — it returns a “site error” every time.  I’ve developed a “workaround” of sorts, though — a far from satisfactory one, but it will at least hop you past a lot of chaff for now.

Click on this link.  At the moment, this should jump you past most of the junk in the general group listing, page by page.  For the moment, it drops you around page 75 of the listings, but I won’t be surprised if that changes over time (at least if spammers are still adding “groups”).  If so, start upping the page number by 5 or 10 each time until you hit a point where you’re getting legitimate groups again.  You’ll need to go through by hand from there on to find anything interesting, but it’s better to take off from a mostly good point than to have to go through dozens of pages of the southbound output of a northbound ovine.

Please, if you’re a member of Koinup, please feel free to reblog this article, and spread the word.  If I knew how to contact Koinup’s current owners, I’d encourage you to drop a link in a letter on them, and maybe we can get some actual work done on the site, and bring back another venue for sharing our SL photos — as well as photos from all the other virtual worlds.

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Doing a Favor for a Friend

Does anyone need a good-sized store?  Not my store, Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs, but my neighbor’s store.  Attend….

My store’s landlord, Tegg Bode of Austech Rentals, has a large anchor store (8,892 m2) that he needs to get rented out soon.  The previous tenant appears to have decamped, and this store was Tegg’s main source of rental revenue in his shopping center (Desire region on the Mainland).  He hasn’t thrown out the old tenant’s stuff yet, but the rent box is open for the taking, and I’d like to see Tegg’s space filled; not just because that will keep my current store in place, but because Tegg has always helped me, rebuilt my older stores in the same mall, and is an all-around good egg (even if he goes around as a steel kangaroo).  If anyone’s interested, the rent box says it’s 2 weeks/L$15,000, with 3918 prims.

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Australia Day 2014

Australia Day for blog_001

Why am I, an assured American citizen, writing about Australia Day (which is, technically, January 26)?  Because my store, Harper’s Fine Arts and Photographs, is owned by Tegg Bode, who is an Aussie in real life.  The Aussies have a grand country in many ways, and a proud tradition that dates from the Aborigines’ settling of the Southern Continent some 40,000 years ago, and more recently the original European settlers’ arrival as transported convicts in the late 18th Century.  The country has its problems — race relations between the original and the later colonizers, tangled politics, and all the other ills of a modern society.  But the Australian spirit is still there, and the average person on the street, from Perth to Darwin to Melbourne to Brisbane, is proud to call themselves Australian.

As a salute to Australia Day and a gift to customers, anyone who comes to my store at the SLurl link above and clicks on this sign will receive a free copy of the 1930s Sydney Bridge Celebration poster you see in the background.  This will last until 10:00 p.m. SLT on Sunday, so make sure to stop in.  (Also make sure to click on the graphic, not the area around the colors, as this box is mostly alpha.  Anything not part of the graphic will shoot through to the floor or wall — and one of the posters there.  If it asks you to pay something, you’ve missed!)

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Empty Bliss

At Bliss

It first struck the writer how things were when she materialized at the old, familiar landing point.  Except that it wasn’t the same place anymore.

Oh, sure, it was the familiar large hall with the pink stairs and the magenta runway and the familiar, long-respected logo reading Bliss Couture at the top of it all.  But the room itself was empty.  There wasn’t another soul in the entire sim.  That was bizarre to say the least; she recalled how, when she had come here in the past, the region had been busy at the very least, and a lag hell when a popular new release or a collection showing was going on.  It wasn’t that now; it was lonely, and a touch eerie, and maybe a little depressing.  She had known for some time that Amutey Decuir was closing the doors on one of the venerable fashion houses, had seen group announcements about closeout sales, all the way down to 90% off all stock.

That had been a while back.  Apparently, just as at the famous Last Sale in 2008, the fashionistas had finally stuffed themselves full of purchases, and had departed for newer couturières, leaving nothing but memories and virtual cobwebs.  She could almost feel the chilly wind of the virtual autumn circulating through the empty halls of the building.  All that remained was for someone to notify Linden Lab to shut down the sim server.

Well, I guess I can indulge as long as I want, as long as my wallet holds out, she thought ruefully to herself.  Doesn’t look like it’ll be a fight to get to any of the vendors.  And, as was usual for her, she turned and made for the gowns first.  But a vague sense of guilt washed through her as she went ahead and shopped her way across the building.  Somehow it just didn’t seem right this time to be buying stuff from such a quality designer at 10 cents on the linden, essentially.  Bliss had always been one of the best designers on the Grid, branching out into hair and furs and casual wear as time went on.  And Amutey had certainly known how to charge for her work.  But she had also kept the prices below L$1,000 for most individual dresses, and even the fatpacks were affordable if you didn’t go on a massive splurge.  This felt…wrong in a way it was hard to explain; almost as if she were picking over carrion like a vulture.

That didn’t stop the writer from going through and stocking up, though.  As she moved everything into a specially-marked Inventory folder for later examination, she decided that, if Amutey was willing, then so be it.  It might be worth a few more lookovers before the sim closes for good.  But, as she sat down to begin writing her thoughts and feelings down, she paused and raised the wine glass on her desk up in a silent toast to Amutey Decuir and her business team, thinking, Thanks much, my lady.  It’s been a hell of a ride.


Reporting for Collarbor 88

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I just had to report on this month’s selection at Collarbor 88.  In fact, I was so impressed by it, that almost everything I’m wearing here comes from it; only my skin, rings, earrings, makeup and system cami are old stuff from inventory.

First of all are the grey pants and the black blazer.  Available right near the door, they come in more colors than just what I’m wearing here, and are accompanied by a “romantic coat” that looks equally interesting.

See more on the next page….

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Scammer Pulls “Invisi-vendor” Trick at Slink

Photo courtesy of Ulaa Coronet

Photo courtesy of Ulaa Coronet

While running through Plurk this morning, I discovered a replurk from Gidge Uriza that led me to an original message by Ulaa Coronet, warning of a rather nasty scammer pulling a trick at Slink, the line with the insanely popular line of mesh avatar body enhancements by Siddean Munro.  Study this photo taken by Ulaa.  Do you see the larger, invisiprim box surrounding the vendor?  That box is another vendor, which has been rezzed around Siddean’s own vendor, by an avatar identified as Kitten Dover.  When the unsuspecting Resident goes to purchase a set of feet (and hands as well, apparently) from Siddean, they’re actually paying Dover, and then getting a box filled with virtual air.  Dover was able to do this because Siddean kindly allowed people to rezz purchases inside her store.  Dover victimized Siddean thrice, first by stealing from her, then from her customers, and by abusing the trust Siddean put in her customers not to do anything like this.

According to comments to Ulaa’s plurk, Siddean has been reached and is correcting the problem.  Complaints have been filed as well, I believe, although what can be done may be problematic.  Other store owners should pay attention to this, however.  Sadly, this could happen again at any store that allows Residents to build within the store itself.  It’s a nice courtesy to allow purchasers to rezz their box and open it in the store, but it’s no longer really needed, as scripted, self-opening bags are becoming common at many designers across the Grid.  To protect themselves, their customers, and the goodwill they have built toward their brand, store owners should turn off public rezz/build within their store area, except for perhaps a small designated area, such as I’ve seen and used at some other stores.  Purchasers should perhaps check to see if building is enabled inside a store, and (if so) probe the vendor on any popular products.  If a prim similar to what you see in Ulaa’s picture pops up instead, or if the vendor is set to anyone other than the store’s owner or designated employee, do not purchase from that vendor!  Instead, take a photo like the above to document the fraud attempt, and notify the store owner as quickly as possible.  Filing an abuse report with Linden Lab against the fraudster is also recommended.  Remember that the store owner is not at fault in such cases; they’re being victimized as much as you, and stolen from when someone cannot purchase from them.

SUPPLEMENTAL, 12:33 p.m.:  As Roni notes below, Kitten Dover has done a screen-name change to Siddean Munro!  Unless you’re familiar with the real Siddean, be very wary and check the person’s profile.  Linden Lab, take note here!!


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Five Grand????


I regularly go through new photos from my contacts on Flickr and Koinup — the chief source for my Contact Sheet articles.  A few days ago, I laid eyes on a piece that got me interested, an intriguingly designed avant-garde dress, and so I shot off to the store the first chance I found and hunted until I found the gown.

The price was — wait for it — L$5,350.  You read that right — over five grand for this dress.  Over $20 USD.   That’s close to half of what I usually purchase for my work and amusement each week, nearly as much as my monthly rent for my land!  Things have improved financially for me, to where I could afford this somewhat, but I still balked.  I walked away from this fabulous dress.

Now I’m all for just and sufficient compensation for an artist’s work, never purchasing knockoffs at a copybottist; and, admittedly, a good design in Second Life is as much artwork as anything.  Avant-garde gowns such as the one I’m ranting about are time consuming and intricate to create, often involving the hanging of many prims to achieve the desired effect.  But when you start charging on an equivalent line to the prices asked for a real-world gown at the top Paris or Milan couturièrs, that takes all the affordability out of it for the people who you’re trying to sell your work to.  I can’t see this designer selling their work to anyone but other successful designers who are making money in world, often selling for perhaps L$1,200 tops.

Anyone have another take on this?


Giving Credit Where It Is Due | Its Only Fashion

To credit, or not to credit:  that is the question….  I think you should credit everything that you possibly can.  The only thing I don’t, usually, is the poses, since I don’t normally use only one set of poses in my fashion shoots, and I have no easy way of tracking which ones I do with the HUDs I employ.  I can take, if I’m really driven, perhaps 25-30 shots that I will winnow through for the best 5-6, and so I lose any relation to the pose creators in the process.  I apologize to them here and now, because I know they put in as much hard work as do the clothing or hair or makeup designers to create something special.

But it is a good idea to credit everything you can; and Cajsa Lilliehook offers a suggestion here on how to do it fairly easily:

Giving Credit Where It Is Due | Its Only Fashion

New Store for Harper’s Fine Art!

Harper’s Fine Art has moved into a larger store on the other end of the mall I was already in!  The move gives me more prims to work with, which means I can have more of my collection out.  It also gives me room for a second floor, which will have lots of stained glass as soon as I can build it — I’m already in the process on that — and a larger Secret (Public) Photo Studio, now with a changing room!  With as much room as I now have on the (effective) 4th floor, I am willing to offer temporary rental space to anyone who wants to build a more elaborate set for their own photos, limited to one-day setups if over my maximum of about 125 prims.

Along with the move comes a more unified look to my signage, including what will be a species of actual logo for Harper’s Art (though if someone can do me an original piece of artwork at a good price, I’ll be quite willing to consider it).  What hasn’t changed is my commitment to offer the finest in both reproduction and original art at affordable prices, along with occasional sideline items that may tickle your fancy.

Come “join me in Desire.”  I think you’ll find something you like!

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