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Stopping By Bogart’s

Long Night

Whew!  It was a long night, but a good one.  I think I’ll just crash right here in front of the fireplace, if you don’t mind….

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Cajsa Lilliehook Visits 1964 (via It’s Only Fashion)

Welcome to 1964, the year of the Civil Rights Act, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Ford Mustang (yeah!), and miniskirts.  Cajsa Lilliehook gives us a mini, uh, small look at the year and the fashion at her blog, It’s Only Fashion.  A taste:

Copyright 2011 by Cajsa Lilliehook

This is the latest in a series of pieces Cajsa is doing that go with a weekly retrospective of 52 years of pop music, spun by her friend, D.J. Maht Wuyts, at The Velvet.  Maht hits the booth every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. SLT; I’d encourage you to go, and rock on!  If you’d like to see Cajsa’s other pieces, you can catch up on 1963 and 1962.  (It looks like she missed 1960 and 1961.)  One could wish that Maht had chosen to go all the way back to 1955 or 1950, and we’d see Cajsa in some classic Dior and Balenciaga-inspired suits and gowns.

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May 25 is Towel Day

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from science fiction it’s this:

Don’t Panic!

Tomorrow, May 25, is Towel Day, when we remember the author of the five books in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy — yes, that number is right; it’s a long story…. — and the insanely accurate commentary he delivered back in the 1980s on modern society.  Official celebrations begin at 12:00 noon SLT, and will center on Milliway’s, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  See the Second Life Destination Guide for more particulars, or drop in before the festivities start.

And remember, frood:  always know where your towel is!  If you can’t find your towel, or you can’t get to the SL version of Marks and Spencer, there is a free towel dispenser in the lobby at Milliway’s, along with a few other goodies.

If you run into Zaphod Beeblebrox while you’re running around, tell him hi for me….

Dancers at Frank’s Elite Jazz

It had been a long time, what with one thing or another, that I’d been out to a club, and so last night I pulled on a gown (Clio’s Yvonne, in black; pictures in future) and ran off to an old favorite, Frank’s Elite Jazz.  The crowd was fun, the lag was minimal — man, I love this new computer! — and the music was mostly great.  There’ll always be something you don’t like at a club, but just as often more that you do.  Last night’s DJ pulled out a mix of modern and classic crooners, slow and fast, that kept the dancers in the main ballroom quite happy.

Wulf Carlucci and Cayleen Linette on the dance floor at Frank's Elite Jazz

A kiss is still a kiss....

While there, I saw this one couple dancing in what was a almost perfect matchup to every song played; within a handful of bars of the song starting, they had shifted their danceball choice to a style that matched what was playing.  Applause to Wulf Carlucci and Cayleen Linette for being a smashing couple, witty in their conversation, active with the people around them, and for mastering the very hard trick of spontaneous in-world dancing from simple rocking to high-kick active styles.  I gave them both copies of this candid photo I shot while there on the sidelines.


The 26.2 Hour Marathon Fundraiser for HEIFER Has Started! (via It’s Only Fashion)

In the current curiosity of my life, I forgot to put up my own announcement here. But Maht Wuyts is doing it again, for 26.2 hours. Click through to Gidge’s article, hit the landmark at the bottom, and let’s help turn Maht’s mind into tapioca again — all for the cause of Heifer International!



The 26.2 Hour Marathon Fundraiser for HEIFER Has Started! The Event has begun so put on your Dancing Shoes and head on over to the VELVET because there are good times and an awesome party to be had – and it’s all in the name of fundraising for Heifer! HERE IS YOUR VERY FANCY LIMO! I will be there after while! SEE YOU THERE!   … Read More

via It’s Only Fashion


Bourbon Street, Estival Island

UPDATE, April 26, 2011: I just discovered tonight that Estival Island is no more. I hope that an upswing will come to the Second Life economy one day; some good places are disappearing, or struggling to make their tier.


I was doing some shopping today, and ran across signs for a club upstairs that sounded intriguing.  It was even more intriguing, for some reason, when the stairs turned into this iron stairway that took a deke to the right, with a neon sign pointing the way.  (Don’t ask me why; not even I understand the way my mind works at times.)

But I soon emerged onto the floor, and found this smoky little club with fine blues playing on the stream.  Called, appropriately enough, Bourbon Street, it looks like a pleasant place to spend a few hours.

But I think what made it certain for me was this sign:

I’m heading back to check it out at least once during a DJ session, which they appear to have regularly scheduled.

Teleport to here, on Estival Island. If you pop up in the courtyard for Foxxy Design, just turn your back to the store and look for your beacon, or a sign that says “Rock ‘n Roll” on the second floor of the building ahead of you.  When you hear the blues playing, or see the sign leading upstairs, you’ll know you’ve found it.  If I’m any judge, the thrill ain’t gone, baby!

Relaxing After Insilico Series

I figured that, after all the work and struggle with lag I went through putting together the Insilico series, that it was time for some relaxation.  So I dropped in to Fibber Magee’s for the Tuesday night céilidh.  That’s me on the stool; but I got off me buns later and started rockin’ with the rest.  I even met a newbie — 2 days old — named Annie Ivylord, who I took some time to talk to and answer questions.  A good day and night all told.

VIP Lounge at Atonement

This hall is above the dance floor and bar.  You can reach it by either of a pair of spiral staircases, or use the teleporters in the bar or chillin’ area.

I’m not sure if there is a dance ball here.  I did find several pose balls, but they’re not for dancing.  Whatever happens here, it’s a beautiful part of a beautiful build.

Tales from Insilico — The Courtesan Seeks Atonement

When the courtesan Shayana heard that one could find atonement in Insilico, she had hoped for more than just another place to ply her “wares.”  Instead, she found more of the same, at least on the upper floors.

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Atonement, Insilico

Even in the gritty streets of Insilico West, you can find Atonement.  A former cathedral, it looks to be pretty well unconsecrated now, though some of the iconography is still inside — and enhanced in the cyber-fashion typical of this region.  Today, it serves as a club, and it looks like a rockin’ club at that.

Teleport to the doors….

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