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Or What’s a Heaven For?

Reve d'Espoir 1

…Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for…?

Robert Browning, from “Andrea del Sarto”

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3 Casual Mesh Dresses (Updated)

June 19:  updated to include SLurls; I was going to sleep when I originally started searching them out.

Today, you’re getting one massive mess of fashion — mesh dresses from some great designers.  You’ll see them in the slideshow below, in order of the description (if I’m lucky); you can pause the show and right-click, then select “View Image” (or equivalent) to see a larger view.

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coldLogic is a name that is earning lots of interest among Grid fashionistas with their mesh designs.  This dress, called Owens, fits quite nicely to your curves, though I had to tweak my shape somewhat to get the fit right.  Having never tweaked these settings before, it was probably time to do a little adjustment.  (I sometimes think I’m a little over-endowed in the boobs, anyway, so a bit of breast reduction was probably a good thing.)

Prism is a great favorite of mine, though I haven’t wrote much about Journey’s pieces lately.  I tend to think more of her knits than summer clothes.  However, the Emily mesh top and pants are shooting right up to a favorite spot for summer casual wear.

Of course, every woman who loves evening dresses has heard of Sascha’s Designs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have at least one of Sascha Frangilli’s famed “battleship-skirt” gowns in their closet.  But Sascha also does casual wear, and this, believe it or not, is her first mesh entry.  Fittingly, it’s named Mondriaan, and is as mod as it gets; but fits quite nicely into modern tastes as well.

Across the board, I’m wearing shoes from R2 Fashion, a fantastic shoe designer I discovered at Collarbor88.  I’ve been stocking up on shoes since, and am featuring her extremely stylish pumps, wedges and boots all through here.


The details:


coldlogic Owens:

  • Dress: coldLogic Owens (mesh, Earth)
  • Shoes: R2 Pauole boots (black)
  • Jewelry: Styles by Danielle Collana Gold Majestic necklace and “elegant” style earrings

Prism Emily:

  • Pants and top: Prism Emily (mesh)
  • Shoes: R2 Akamai wedges (white)
  • Jewelry: League Wanderer suite (golden oak); DDL ring (opal/gold)

Sascha Mondriaan:

  • Dress:  Sascha’s Designs Mondriaan (mesh, blue)
  • Shoes: R2 Aulii (black)
  • Jewelry: Gems & Kisses Exotic Dream earrings

Photographed at my Secret (Public) Photo Studio

Peace on Earth at Sascha’s and Runway Café

The quest for new places has taken me to the Runway Café in The Lady Resort.  The resort is a large, elegant venue for meetings, shows, or just for getting away.  It has four suites and two penthouses for rent (suites L$1,000, penthouses L$2,000 per week).  But the main attraction is the café, which is appointed in lots of warm maple or cherry wood, with a discreet bar in one corner and two levels, the floor and a balcony.

A runway, of course, is the place where you model couture, and I’m modeling a gift from the current Peace on Earth Hunt.  This is the Roodvosje gown from Sascha’s Designs, named for Roodvosje Rosse, one of Sascha Frangilli’s main employees.  (She’s the one you often hear from on weekdays when she’s calling the group to come and check out the current specials or the latest gowns.)  This color is special for the hunt, but it is available in several other colors, as well as Sascha’s trademark large choice of skirt sizes in the package.  Lots of glittery trim, full-length opera gloves, and a very nice tall collar to frame the face combine for a wonderful holiday gown.  I wear it here with a review gift from Alice Demonia, her Faelin pumps.  With these shoes, you get your choice of five different heels from wedge to stiletto, and a large number of color combination possibilities, leather finishes, etc. in a HUD design that couldn’t be simpler.  Heavy gold chain jewelry and a nice updo complete the look here.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy sunkissed, red lips
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flake (sapphire)
  • Hair:  JE*REPUBLIC Tarae III (midnight)
  • Gown:  Sascha’s Designs Roodvosje (gold; gift in Peace on Earth Hunt)
  • Shoes:  Alice Project Faelin pumps (multicolor and -shape HUD; free review copy)
  • Jewelry:  alafolie Parure Chaine Dorée; Dahlinks My Lady engagement ring (platinum/emerald); EarthStones Mosaic ring (Newsprint)
  • Lashes:  Curves Mystique prim eyelashes

Review — Prim Lashes by Miamai

Prim lashes are both blessed and cursed by Residents, mostly by the female avatars.  They improve our looks tremendously, and give variation to an appearance.  They’re often relatively inexpensive, and attach onto face points that aren’t often used (unless you’re wearing a hat or something else on your head.)  On the down side, they need adjustment to fit, a fiddly process that for many never quite works and that can tax the patience; and they usually can be seen floating a centimeter or so from the eyelids if you turn your head to the side.  Most lashes use invisible alpha-channel textures, as well, which brings its own problems familiar to many working with high-heel shoes in world.

Miamai now introduces something I haven’t seen before:  prim lashes.  That is, lashes made totally out of prims.  No single-sheet units with alpha textures here; each hair is an individual hair.  monica Outlander has released nine sets so far at L$150 each for your consumption.  I subscribe to updates from Miamai, so I went to the main store to check this out.  I was not alone, either — runway model Mui Mukerji was also in the store, having received the notice as well, and many more ladies arrived soon after.  The following is my opinion only, I should point out, coming from trying on two different sets, one for more casual wear, one looking like it’s meant for sheer glamour (as well as runway and modeling work).  I did, however, discuss these some with Mui, and that will be noted where it appears.

More after the break….

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Review — Holidays Jewelry Releases from Beguiled

Gita Rau sent me a set of packages yesterday, containing some new jewelry releases from her store, Beguiled, for my consideration.  And I did consider, and my considered opinion is that it’s mostly very good.

The first set, Smoky Bands, needed little thought from me; in truth, I’ve loved this hoop earring style since I first saw it at the store.  Shaped like a ring horn, the thick end (where the mouth of the horn would be) usually has a metal or jeweled band circling it.  It’s been available in a variety of colors and materials before this new pattern; for this set, Gita includes a matching bracelet and a pair of thin bangles to make a suite.

The next set, Deco Blocks, also appeals to me, since I’m a lover of the Art Deco style.  (Beyond the fact that I sell much Twenties art in my own store, my current house is decorated inside in Deco style.)  The necklace and earrings are a very clean design, with the main element being a single piece with a black/white graphic in enamel.  I might have considered something other than the ebony or onyx beads for the necklace, but it still holds up very well.  (Incidentally, the earrings come in both the form shown here, and a pair with less thickness.)

This set, Tendrils, is as clean as you could wish, and is excellent for casual wear or a party dress.  The dangling silver filaments wave as you move, giving the piece more realism.

Finally, a set designed explicitly for the season, and part of a holiday collaboration package with Baby Monkey and Petunia.  The Christmas-tree necklace comes in two sizes and glow or no-glow.  The wreath earrings are also large or small and glow/no-glow.

Note the plaid texture on the outside of the ring itself.  I’ll admit the first thing that came to my mind was a roll of Scotch tape, but it rather works.  The only thing I have a problem with is the necklace, but I say this because that kind of “costume” jewelry design isn’t really my style.  To me, it’s a little kitschy.  For a Christmas party, though, especially a casual one, such a necklace can be just the thing.

Teleport to Beguiled.

Fashion Review — Bikinis by Musashi-do

Shiryu Musashi (of Milan), the owner of Musashi-do, dropped a box of bikinis on me recently, and I gave some of them a test run.  Shiryu’s been studying at a fashion academy in addition to his in-world work, and I think the product, here and in some smashing dresses he has, show the effects of that study.

These are my six best photos from my session.  Notice, by the way, picture 3 (the last on the top row).  No, I didn’t make a mistake there; those are tan lines.  This series includes “garments” that simulate tan lines at three different levels of intensity.  Each different package also includes all the layers you could possibly desire for any situation, as well as any needed “hardware,” such as rings, laces, etc.  This was the one problem I had, the rings on the first bikini needed to be tweaked into position — a not uncommon situation, though.  (Do note, however, that the ring on the top in the Seaside Crescent series uses an attachment point sometimes used by necklaces.  You may need to work around this, depending on what jewelry you wear.)

Each bikini style comes in a variety of print colors, and also in solids, as you can tell from just the small sample I put here.  I think my favorite out of the batch might have been picture 5, but I also like No. 6 as well.  Ah, joy; more  and more in the inventory….  When will I ever get it cleared out, what with all the good stuff I have in there, like these bikinis…?

Teleport to Musashi-do here, and enjoy your time at the beach!

The items:

Standard shape/skin, type 1

  • Pictures 1-3: Seaside Crescent bikini (Azure Orchid)
  • Pictures 4-5: Summer Shy bikini (Golden Hearts, Purple Hearts)
  • Picture 6: Wave Flow bikini (solid red)
  • Hair: Sinsation Emma
  • Jewelry: EarthStones Crystal Elements (Water, gold)
  • Inspired Style Hawk sunglasses (pictures 4-6); glasses in pictures 1-3 may no longer be available (created by SuluMor Romulus)

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Fashion Review — Sui Generis

Up front, I should note that I am a friend of Cajsa Lilliehook, the owner of Sui Generis, but I have attempted to put that aside for this review.


Cajsa Lilliehook is well known in the world of Second Life for her fashion blog, It’s Only Fashion, her excellent photography, and her sense of style in putting together clothes for any look. Now Cajsa enters the field of the storekeeper and shape artist with her new store, Sui Generis.

You don’t see many reviews for shapes, do you? But shapes are as necessary to the avatar experience in Second Life as skins or clothes. The shape, of course, is the matrix that the skin stretches over, giving…well, giving shape to the face and body. Even if you’re running around a a blob of ionized gas, the shape is in there. (Usually, you just need to rezz up to show it.) Creating a shape that is pleasant to the owner is as much a work of art and patience as a good skin or suit.

Cajsa is no stranger to tweaking shapes, when allowed. Her photographs almost always show her in the perfection of fit, something I still strive for at times with my usually no-mod shapes. Now she’s putting to practice what she has learned, adding a dose of real-world “shaping” to the mix. Her Sui Generis shapes are nearly unique, not only because of the limited amount for sale — 75 of any shape — but because she makes the faces non-symmetrical.

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Fashion Review — She’s So Unusual Shoes August

Rowan Carroll, owner of She’s So Unusual Shoes (SSUS), takes delight in channeling the spirit of her store’s name.  Who else, after all, would take a silly discussion on the Fashion Emergency group, and turn it into a set of pumps with heels that — how do I phrase this…? — with heels that resemble that part of their anatomy that some men consider their most valuable?

Now comes a set of various shoes for your consideration.  Pictures are below after the break (click on the thumbnails); however, I hope you’ll forgive the atrocious photography on some of these.  I do better with longer shots, but then you wouldn’t see the details on a few of these items.  (Just to state the obvious, there are more colors usually available than what I show here.)

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Fashion Review — Jordanna Magic, WickedKisses (updated)

I was pleased to get my first request for a fashion review the other day from Jordanna Magic, owner of WickedKisses.  Jordanna is starting up her business, and she offered me a few things to take a look at.  (There was a set of sex straps also in the package that I don’t touch on here; but you should find them in Jordanna’s store.)

1.  First is a babydoll with flowered bodice and hem.  This is perhaps my favorite out of the batch; I like the patterning of the bodice and the crossover strap.  The skirt is flexiprims, and there might be a little problem with show-through that I noted in the back, but some adjustment should solve that quickly.

2.  This bikini is based on the babydoll, and it’s daring ; not for the top, which is a variation on the top for the dress, but because of the thong brief.  When I put this on, I was surprised.  But it wears well, and isn’t too bad to look at.  I don’t have a decent picture of the brief — the poses I chose didn’t give me a look at the front of my hips.  It’s a good look, though.

3 and 4.  WickedKisses also does skins, and Jordanna’s offering to me was Raina, in what she described as “light tan w/ heavy makeup.”  I’m not so sure about the tan here; it’s not as pale as some Asian or goth skins I’ve seen, which are almost grey to milk white.  But the tan is very light, as you can see if you compare it with my “normal” GemCorp skin.  For those looking for just a touch of tan, this might be your ticket.

I’ve visited Jordanna’s store, and she’s basically starting out, so contents at any given time may vary.  I’d say it’s worth a drop-in to see what’s available.  The stock may have changed since I was in there, and one side (plain vs. sex wear) may be emphasized instead of the other.  Good beginnings for a first collection!

Other items in this article:

  • Shoes:  Armidi Dhali Bow platforms (silver)
  • Gold earrings:  Anchor by yoona Mayo (available only on OnRez, from the looks)
  • Green paisley bikini by Relika
  • Shape:  Alady Jane Seymour
  • Skin and hair (normal):  GemCorp Wendy

You can see four additional photos of the bikini at my Flickr photo stream.

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