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Frank’s Place and Phat Cat’s On Independent Top 10 Site List for August

Word comes down from New World Notes of an article at SL Entrepeneur magazine blog (with pictures Not Suitable For Work or Family), giving their ranking of the 10 most popular bot-free locations for the past month in Second Life.  This long phrase means that these locations are riding into their ranking on their own […]

Frank’s Place has Expanded!

Frank’s Place in the former Oasis Resort region, which was later renamed Franks Place — (sigh) — is no more; that’s the bad news. The good news is that Nanceee and Gymmy Sinatra have added on a second region right next door to their original sim (which is now given over to a high-end mall), […]

Frank’s Place Has a New Landmark

Why do I make noise about this? Because the old landmark is no longer good. The region’s name has changed, from Oasis Resort to — “Franks Place”! The new SLurl is here. Among other things, the Sinatras are running a large expansion of their mall, oriented toward the formally-dressed clientele of the club. Fine stores […]

Frank’s Place Now Has a Web Site

I’ve just been informed by special express that Frank’s Place, which I’ve described in these pages, now has its own RL Web site. Why not give them a visit, and learn more about one of the swingin’ places on the Grid! Ring-a-ding-ding!

Meet Me at Frank’s Place

I was debating on what to write about first. After all, I’ve visited a lot of places in just six weeks. But then the news broke just as I was rezzing in the other night to this location, and I decided to make this article a present to some acquaintances. You see far more clubs […]

Frank’s The Elites Club

Nanceee and Gymmy Sinatra are at it again.  Their club, Frank’s Place, is so popular these days that they decided to branch out.  So they’ve taken a chunk of another sim — which location shall remain secret, for clear reasons — and opened up a second club, The Elites.  The club is open now, but […]

Gilda Rides Again; or, How To Create a Fake Jean Louis Original

Hold it, guys; I promise you, I’m not Gilda.  I don’t live in a film noir classic, I don’t live in Buenos Aires, and my husband isn’t trying to corner the world tungsten market.  And I don’t go around obsessively singing “Put the Blame on Mame.”

Berry’s Monday Memes: Have you ever SecondLifed?

There should be a (sic) beside that “SecondLifed,” but I digress….  Strawberry Singh’s latest Monday Meme is a set of light questions, incredibly easy and fun to answer.  Give it a shot yourself!  Just remember to link back to Berry’s original article, so others can get to your answers. =====

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Stopping By Bogart’s

Whew!  It was a long night, but a good one.  I think I’ll just crash right here in front of the fireplace, if you don’t mind….

I Just Barely Made the Clothing Fair

…and look at what I picked up! This gown, Topaz by Tres Beau, was the one major purchase I made, my single RFL contribution purchase.  I’m not even sure if Tres Beau is carrying this in their store now; it may have been only for the event.  But it’s a great piece of work — […]