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Two Benefit Packages at My Store

A fast plug before I crash for the night. I normally don’t plug my store on this blog too much, but I have two boxes of prints on sale at Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs right in my door, the full proceeds of which go to benefit Phoenix Psaltery. One is my current full collection of Twenties prints for L$1,000, a nearly L$500 savings — and you’re helping a good man while you’re purchasing. The other is five of the sci-fi posters in my skybox Sci-Fi Gallery, normally L$700, going for L$500.

Come on by and be generous, folks!

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Benefit Auction for Phoenix Psaltery

This is a copy of a notecard sent to me by Malburns Writer, who received it from Crap Mariner.  I’m reproducing it verbatim:

Bloggers, SL Music Fans, and Friends you can help us make a difference in someone’s Real Life!

Phoenix Psaltery and his SL/RL wife Sansarya Caligari are both long-time, well known residents in SL. He owns part of one of the oldest SL newspapers, The Metaverse Messenger, and Sans blogs about her passionate love for SL fashion. They are both very supportive of the Live music scene in SL as well.

Just a few days ago, Phoenix went into complete renal failure and has ended up in intensive care at a hospital away from his home town, with a shunt for dialysis. Unfortunately, there are other complications as well, including pneumonia.  Finances have gotten dire for them as Sans has to stay at a hotel while he’s in ICU, not to mention other expenses that are incurred and with children left at home in the care of relatives.

So their SL friends have joined together to help them! We are putting on an all day auction and live DJ event. Many people have donated items such as transferable Dazzle dresses, and merchants such as myself have made limited editions for sale at this auction only.

Here’s the LM to the event as well as some details and pics:

The event starts Saturday August 23 at 10AM SLT, with a fabulous DJ line up.
Cylindrian Rutabaga performing live 9-10 AM
10 AM till Noon Siggy Romulus
Noon till 2 PM aEoLuS Waves
2 PM till 4 PM Esma/Io
4 PM till 6 PM Lucifer Baphomet
6 PM till 8 PM Lecktor Hannibal
8 PM till 10 PM Vivianne Draper
10 pm till Midnight Augustus Bainbridge

And here’s a taste of what’s for auction:

* Limited Edition Purple Latex Kimono by Zorena Deckard (Ookami Ningen)

* RL original oil painting by Jen (from Jen) SL name Schechinah Enoch (title: Currents Oil on Canvas 2004 20″x24″) Free shipping is included if it gets a price of $250USD or more.
This is a minimum so the auction should start at that price for this item.
The pic can be seen here:…&postcount=111
* 1k gift card to Blaze (from Susanne Pascale)
* 2 years of ad rotation in SLTrivia (from FlipperPA Peregrine)
* 1/2 black & white page ad in special print SLCC edition (worth $467 USD) (from Katt Kongo)
* Metric ton of clothing from Dazzle and Last Call (from various donators)
* Original one of a kind outfit from A2NZ “P2” Rubber cloak
* A lot of stuff from Aeolous’ store. I have never been to his store so I’m not sure what that is but whatever it is the auction gets five of everything.
* Limited release outfit from 2006 from Pixel Dolls (donated by a buyer not Neph)
* Fat pack of Full line of Elegance hats (from Morrigan)
* Full set Fat Little Sofa, Fat Little Chair, and Fat Little Ottoman from Relic
* Not yet released AMBIANCE Henna Collection Living Room Set by Desiree
* ‘Very Large Domed Tent – Brown- Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* ‘Very Large Domed Tent – Buff – Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* ‘Very Large Domed Tent – Purple – Gypsy Tent from Osprey Therian
* ‘Giant Potato on flatcar with sign’ by Osprey Therian

I’m also setting out a special edition dress for sale during the event at both the auction and my store.

I hope you can blog about this wonderful gathering of support.  Please feel free to display part or all of the information I’ve provided.

Zorena Deckard (Ookami Ningen Fur Cloaks and Japanese Fashion)

Let’s see if we can break open our purses enough to help out a couple who’ve done so much for us with their publications

Still Looking for Help for Sinnocent

Sinnocent Mirabeau, whose real life medical problems with her dog I wrote about last week, has told me that the surgery has been scheduled for this week. However, she’s still some $300 short for the veterinary costs. And we’re talking real New-nited States Dollars here, folks, not linden dollars. Sinnocent is still running her BOGO sale at Sinsation (I finally got the acronym right), and I urge you to take advantage of it. Allow me to demonstrate some of my favorite “wigs” here for your temptation! (These photos won’t be pretty; more quick and dirty, as I want to complete it and help her; but if it helps get her that last $300, it’ll be worth the artistic sacrifice [grin].)

As a sweetener to the pot, send me a picture of you in some of your new Sinsation hair in front of the poster at the Sinsation store, and I’ll send you my current package of prints from Harper’s Fine Art. That’s 21 framed pieces of art, at least a L$2,000 value — for free. Can’t beat that, folks; you’ll be doing well, you’ll be doing good, and so will Sinnocent and myself! Come on, and give the lady a hand!!

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Call for Help for Sinnocent Mirabeau

Meditating on the needs of a friend; wearing Venus, by Sinsation

Gentle readers, if you have some extra lindens in your pockets, I’ve heard of a fellow avatar in need.

Sinnocent Mirabeau, the owner of Sinsation Hair in Hairspray, sent out a notecard with good news and bad news. Since the note is public (she has a dispenser in her store), I reproduce it here to let her tell it in her own words:

Hi everyone.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I figure my crisis and personal heartache can maybe have something good come out of it. Hopefully for myself and for all the people in SL who like my hair or skins and want to get 2 for the price of one.

Anyways, here’s the deal. I normally hold sales like this every few months just for kicks and as a fun way to get people even more hair than they’d normally be able to purchase on their own. However, this sale is of great importance to me for other reasons.

A week ago my 9 month old baby puppy, Eris, (even tho she’s not so little anymore) started to have a mass growing in her ear. I thought she had just gotten bitten by something outside and it would clear up in a few days. Well that didn’t happen. In fact, the mass got about 8x bigger. So I took her to the vet yesterday and got the worst possible news.

She didn’t get bitten; she has a tumor and a hematoma forming in her ear and she needs surgery to remove it. Otherwise it will just get bigger and bigger and will either.. rupture… get badly infected…. and most likely both will happen.. and the infection the doc said will eventually kill her.. sooner rather than later.

The even worse news is exactly how much it’s going to cost to save her… Which is $1447.00 US. I was in shock when given that figure because it is just not a price I can even close to afford. I’m getting married in RL in September to my sl hubby and I’ve had to put most of my money towards that for deposits and all the other wedding junk that I need.

The irony is that she was my engagement present, and now… my wedding is the thing that has taken up all my money and put me in this spot. Blah…

So at any rate I’ll get right to the point.. I have a very little window of time in order to raise the money to save her.. so I decided I would do a buy one get one free sale in order to try and help to get some of the money for her surgery.

Everything in my shop is eligible for the sale, nothing at all is excluded. The basic idea is whatever you buy.. you get something of equal or lesser value.. free.

So if you buy a skin you can get a skin free or a couple hairs, doesnt matter. Anything goes.

All you have to do is purchase what you want, then send me a notecard with what you purchased and which items you would like to receive free. I will send them on out to you after that.

I suspect anyone who likes outrageous hair knows of Sinsation. If you’ve seen some of my Flickr photos, you’ve seen me sporting Sinnocent’s work. It’s good, and I want to throw my support behind her. I’ve already done so materially; I purchased a fatpack for £5,000, and I’ve requested a £3,500 fatpack as my freebie. Drop yourself into Hairspray region, step over to the pink palace you’ll see when you materialize, and let’s help out a fellow traveler and good designer.

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