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Sinnocent Mirabeau Returns

Venus, by CallaLily Munster, back when she was Sinnocent Mirabeau of Sinsation

…but not as Sinnocent Mirabeau.  And thereby hangs a tale, for the creator of the wild, insane, over-the-top-beautiful prim hair I adore so much was having sixteen tons of trouble with Linden Lab, who for some reason did strange things to her stock and permissions.  She couldn’t edit her own creations, as I recall.  I’m not sure whether she left the Grid some time back, or the Grid threw her out at the end; but now she’s returning…under a new name, CallaLily Munster, and with a new business plan.

Gone are the prim creations, according to a comment she dropped today on an old article I wrote about her.  Instead, she’ll be displaying pictures of those hairstyles, as executed in the Real World!! Included will be information on how you can contact her for similar, or for custom work. I’ll keep in touch with Calla (I’ll still think of her as Sinnocent), and give you the word when her store opens. In the meantime, let’s think good thoughts, and maybe we can persuade her to start doing (supposedly) NPIRL hair in Second Life again!

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