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Welcome One and All!

Welcome One and All!

The gates are open at last; Fantasy Faire is here!

I’ve only been to two regions so fair, Fairelands Junction (of course) and Sapphire Mirror Lake (the arts region, where I’m standing here), but what I’ve seen so far has impressed.  I’ve told the others to get themselves in here and take plenty of pictures as well as do some shopping — it will be worth it.  And, while you visit, remember to be as generous as you can, not only to the stores, but to the main goal of Fantasy Faire, to raise money to fight cancer. through the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life program.

I’m wearing the Orianna gacha gown from Luas, which you can obtain quite easily from the gacha at her store.  Or, I’ll tell you right now, I’ll be setting up a Marketplace store, and I’ll offer colors that you can pick and choose from for L$60, just L$10 over the gacha’s cost.  I have a few I need to get rid of, you see, in my quest to get the rare [read ULTRARARE] jewelry items….  (Sigh)  I’ll announce here when the store goes up.

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Ruler of Her Realm 2

You may have heard recently about the situation which resulted in a permabanning of the owner of the INSILICO sims and the locking of the sims themselves.  I found out myself while scouting locations for my project.  The good news is that an arrangement has apparently been reached, and the sims are open again, intact; I have visited the regions myself this morning.  However, do not pay any rent boxes at this time, as they are old and the money will be going to the wrong account.  All rent boxes will need to be replaced with new ones; so, if you were thinking about taking out an apartment in the orbital habitat, hold off for a day or two, until the provisional government can get things fixed up.

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Spring 2016 Art Show – Windlight Magazine

I ran across this while going through my mail from WordPress today, and it looks interesting!  They don’t have an active reblog button, so I’m putting it up like this.  Be sure to check out their magazine as well.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Windlight Magazine Spring 2016 Art Show Dates: April 11 to April 17, 2016 Website: Windlight Magazine is pleased to announce its first annual Spring Art Show! This show will f…

Source: Spring 2016 Art Show – Windlight Magazine

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7th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — And the Winners Are….

Writing from Kissimmee, Florida —

The judging is over, and it was fun.  There were lots of great submissions this year — 48, if I have my count correct — and the quality was excellent.  That was helped along by lots of great gowns this season from the designers, of course; but the creativity of the models and photographers really shone as well.  We had to agonize some over which ones worked better for the theme, or if we had the best ordering of awards.  As always, we do our best, and we hope you’ll agree with our choices.

Turn the page for this year’s winners.

OFPC EXTRA — At Last I’m Home

Home Again

Thank you all for your patience; I’m finally back home from the brother’s wedding in Orlando, and at a computer I can use decently.

And why couldn’t I take my laptop, you may ask?  Well, we were only going for two days, and we wanted to travel light.  Not to mention, since we were flying down, there’d be that much less hassle at the TSA checkpoint in the airport.  (That didn’t help much on the flight back today; we just barely made the flight out of MCO, because MCO is one of the busier airports in the country, what with Walt Disney World et al.)  I planned to get around that by using the computer in the hotel business center.  The computers in the business center, however, (when I finally found the place) were still running Windows XP; and, of course, they only had Internet Exploiter, uh Exploder, uh, Explorer for a browser.  Once I managed to finally log in to Yahoo, the poor program couldn’t keep up with modern-day Flickr’s insanely intense interface.

Indeed, not to put too fine a point on it, the terminal crashed.  Hard.

Fortunately, the quickly convened kangaroo court ruled in my favor– (WHACK!!!)

Okay, okay; geez.  The computer rebooted itself; but it was obviously useless, and I can’t do any group control through the Flickr apps.  So everyone got an extra 36 hours (I think) to get their submissions in.  The result is a nice treasure trove of entries, which will keep me busy during the next week or so, past the time I’m in Orlando again for this year’s Orlando City SC home opener.  Hey, what can I say?  I know I promised no more soccer in this blog, but I’m a ball-kickin’ girl — and have you seen pictures of our Brazilian wonder worker, Kaká???  Yum!  But I won’t be wearing purple and drowning in OCSC every moment of this visit; and some of the time will be spent working on the cut for the contest.  Results, based on past performance, should be in by March 15, if not sooner.  I may even write the awards article while at the hotel.  Since I’ll be driving down instead of flying — this is my Christmas-retail-worker-recovery vacation — I’ll carry my laptop; if they have an Ethernet jack in the room or somewhere I can get to one, I may even be able to distribute the prizes!

So cross your fingers, people.  It could happen to you….

In the meantime, I give you something to contemplate — and smile secretly over.


And again I say — YUM!

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7th Oscar Fashion Photo Contest – Final Update and Our Gowns

Notice: graphics intensive

There’s three days left to the Oscars ceremony on February 28, and we have a good selection of entries so far for the blog’s Oscar Fashion Photo Contest. But there’s always room for more. This is your last call – there’s fifty grand in cash prizes (in lindens) to the placing photos, and L$25,000 goes to first place; so get your entries in now!

One note: submission cutoff will be extended past the usual midnight SLT deadline, as I’ve been called to Orlando for a family event over the weekend. I won’t be able to lock the group, as I normally would. So you folk will benefit; anyone who hasn’t been out for their photo shoot will have maybe four to five extra hours max to submit. Use the time well, grasshoppers!


Turn the page for short fiction, and photos of what Jem and I will be wearing this year!

7th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 2; Last Year’s RL Red Carpet

OFPC teaser 2

Can you rock the red carpet and get your name into this envelope? You still have time.
Offer closes on February 29 at 12:01 SLT.  Call now; operators are standing by!
For the first seven callers, we offer at no additional cost, fame, fortune and 15 minutes in the limelight!!!

In this year’s rules, I put down a minimum of 20 entries to get an “official” contest.  I’m not sure I should have done that, on more mature reflection, except that I have a short contest list before I’ve had a chance to winnow through the scads of entries I always hope to receive.  I can relax now, though; we have at least 20 entries between the blog and the Flickr group, and there’s still ten days to go before the Oscars are handed out in Real Life.  So it’s become a “real” contest, and my money is now officially on the line.

You still have time to enter!  Of course, you should do so only if you want a shot at L$25,000 and an opportunity to bask in Hollywood-like glory for a time.  You know how to find the rules by now (grin).  And, if you’re on Flickr and get an invitation from me to enter, don’t turn it down.  It’s no guarantee of placement; I give the invitation to anyone who has a likely looking photo.  But it is an encouragement to take your shot — or do another shot, and submit that one officially!

Read the rest of this entry »

7th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 1: Lupita Nyong’o

The Contest this year is going through it’s usual first weeks blues — there’s four entries at the moment.  I’m hoping a lot more Residents will enter before closing time, and you can help on this:

  • Enter yourself!  (Uh, yeah….)
  • Spread the word among your friends

Remember, there’s a shade better than L$50,000 at stake, and the winner gets half of that!

Next page: Lupita Nyong’o on the red carpet(s)

Get Ready for One Billion Rising in Second Life!


Source: Get Ready for One Billion Rising in Second Life!

Join in on this, please.  The more we get the word out, the better the odds are of throttling this nastiness.  Read more at the main article, via the link.

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7th Annual OFPC — Rules Update

I wasn’t planning on such a quick first update, but I’ve been going over the rules, and felt a few changes were needed, part for improvement and clarification, and partly to fix the distribution of the prize payouts.

First, any photos having to do with with Oscar Day, as long as you are “one of the celebrities,” will be considered “on theme.”  This allows you to do anything from get ready with your dresser to party down at the Governors’ Ball with the statue in your hand after the ceremonies.  (Rule 5)

Second, only one prize will be awarded now to a tandem entry, as stated before (prize rules).  However, the blog will take care of the split between the models, thus simplifying matters in that area.

These changes have been incorporated into the rules article, and take effect immediately.  Thanks for your patience.

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