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An Apology to Lanay

Not long ago, I featured an artist named Lanay in number 40 of Contact Sheet, admiring and praising her work.  Now it appears that I have a history with her that I must meditate on.

Lanay declined adding her chosen photos to the Contact Sheet group on Koinup.  I didn’t understand at the time; most SL photographers enjoy the additional notice and invitations to groups.  Since then, I’ve added “faves” and compliments to other of her pieces, and included her on my contact list of photographers that I regularly check up on.  Today, though, Lanay sent me a letter explaining why she had declined my offer.  About two years ago, I had seen some of her earlier work on Koinup, and I apparently sent her what must have been a pretty nasty piece of text, saying that she had too much derivative work in her pieces, and threatening to turn her in to the Koinup owners if she didn’t pull them.

Now, I am not normally that kind of person.  However, once in a while, I have managed to insert my foot very far down my oral aperture, and I decided I’d better check on this.  The difficulty is that I have deleted all my sent Koinup mail from most of 2009; and, of course, Lanay’s pieces from that time are gone.  I know myself, though, and I do have the occasional tendency to shoot from the hip — fortunately, fairly rarely, I’d like to think.  But when I do commit one, it tends to be a lulu.  This sounds like such a moment, and I’m accepting full responsibility for the situation.  I could have handled it much differently than I did.  I did not, and for that I apologize to Lanay, both in private and here in this public forum.  And I must consider, and try to remember, my actions from that time in the court of my conscience.

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