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I’m Crashing Now….

…’cause I’ve been hard at work building this new bed, and I need my beauty sleep now.  It’s still not a great piece, but it’s better than the previous bed, uses fewer prims, and doesn’t have floaty script words over it all the time.

Good night…(yawn).

Dress by Connie Arida, with Jewelry Purchase

A promise delayed is a promise unkept, but the time has finally come up in my scattered wits, and Connie is about to get her due.  Many of you may know of my friend Connie Arida, an avatar from Australia and an excellent photographer here in world.  It was her (as well as Cajsa Lilliehook, I think) that got me involved in my fashion and photography work here, and I’ve valued her friendship since.

I’m not sure if Connie is planning to branch out some; but she created a dress of her own a month or two back, and it’s available as a L$100 gift pack at Eclectica Jewelers.

Connie's Dress_008

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