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Let’s get physical, physical
I wanta get physical
Let’s get into physical
Lemme hear your body talk, your body talk
Lemme hear your body talk

Olivia Newton-John, “Physical” (written by Steve Kipner and Terry Shaddick)

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Good Friends, Food, Gossip and Fashion

Juicy Gossip, Juicier Fashion 0

“So,” Harper said while we were having lunch together, “looks like you got to The Instruments.”

“Yeah!” I said as I sipped my lemonade. “I’m afraid I turned into a clone of you; I’m wearing the same dress.”

“Not quite,” Harper said.  A waiter dropped a small salad in front of her; I’d already eaten.  “You chose a pattern. I went for a solid. I’m not that much into patterns and prints, depending.”

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Beauty At Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm_001

Hmmm!  I got the word about this place being a great bed-and-breakfast, but to me it looks like something out of the beginning of that Kate Beckinsale movie…?  Yeah; Cold Comfort Farm.  Sort of how it looked before Kate’s character arrives; it gets turned around by the end of the movie.

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 1

Ah, well; I’ve laid down seventy-five quid for the night here, non-refundable.  I might as well find out if it was worth the scratch.  And the lavender in the pots looks and smells lovely!

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 2

I suppose I’m fitting the theme here; I’m dressed up as fancy as Kate’s character, very much a city girl in a world outside of her experience.  It doesn’t matter that Cold Comfort Farm was set in the 1920s and this is the 2010s.  I found this great suit at Ferosh Fashion Week, and I just had to wear it today.  I even managed to keep from splashing it with mud, or ruining it by laying down the scooter!

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 3

Now, if I can just find someone to help me lug the luggage upstairs to the room….  And I hope this diamond collar will be safe here; I don’t want a goat breaking into the room and munching down on it.  Maybe I should have brought the titanium hatbox with me.

Jem at Cold Comfort Farm 4


I’m wearing:

  • Skin: PXL Linda (G3 NAT PaleLips LEB)
  • Eyes: The Sugar Girl Spilled Milk (Lavendar)
  • Hair: Crown Amelia
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.4 (Casual)
  • Outfit: Byrne DiamondDoll Dress (ShinyWhite FIT), with black boots and white collar — purchased at Ferosh Fashion Week
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Alysia Pearls earrings and ring
  • Makeup: Zibska Makoto eyeshadow (11); Arte double winged 1 eyeliner (Black); Glamorize Glam mascara (02); Glamorize Lip Licks lipstick (Dominatrix); Arte Eyebrows Glamorous (ash blonde)

Shot at Lemon Beach.

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