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The Highest Boot Uppers in Second Life?

When I was going around the military regions the other day, I thought I’d give the boys in world some inspiration; let ’em know what they’re fightin’ for, you know.  And it gave me a chance to show off one of my latest finds:

Tuskegee 3

The folks at B&G Shoes make no claim; but it’s my opinion that these are the boots with the longest set of uppers in Second Life.  If there are any taller, send me a picture, and I’ll publish it!  I’m not particularly into all those buckles, but they work for these boots for some reason.  The set is scripted for sizing and sound, with the pretty much usual controls:  click on the left in a script-allowed region, and select from the menu.

The details (shape/skin/eyes are my current standard):

  • PixelDolls Stephanie corset
  • DnG black leather shorts
  • Kiss Cassandra hair (Arizona shade, large size) (Elke Banting)
  • B&G Sendra boots (black) (BG Planer)
  • Digit Darkes Tintable Glitter nail polish (silver)
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks BoHo silver hoop earrings (Alexandra Nichols); PixelDolls Stone Pendant necklace (lapis lazuli) (Dolce Blackflag); G&S silver ring with bezel emerald (right hand) (Biff Stine); Yabusaka silver ring style 01 (color-changing stone, set to sapphire); 77 Designs women’s gift watch (available [last I knew] in BBC World sim) (left hand) (Anik Goff); eyecandy Hellenic Copper/Turquoise Cuff (Candy Cerveau)

And with this article, I’ve done it; seven days straight of publishing articles for the Big Bad Blog Challenge.  It’s been an interesting thing, and kept me hunting for ideas for articles.  I’m not sure if I can keep this string running, but it’s kept my writing fingers tapping at the keys (grin).

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SL Tribute To the Tuskegee Airmen

I still consider myself a Michigan girl; but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect and have an interest in the history of the state I currently live in.

While exploring MyBase, one of the sims operated by the U. S. Air Force in what is essentially a military sector within the Grid, I came across this plaque on a wall, celebrating the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Tuskegee 1 Tuskegee 2

The story of the Airmen is well-known to many; but for those who may be unfamiliar by chance, please read this article at Wikipedia, and follow the external links as well.

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How High Can You Fly in SL?

The answer to that is easy:  200 meters (if flight isn’t locally deactivated), unless you have a flight assist of some kind, such as a Flight Feather or jetpack script.  With one of those, the ceiling is unlimited.

Ah, but what effects do high altitude have on that luscious virtual body of yours?  Well, that’s changed over the years.  Here’s the skinny on it as of August 2007, thanks to the Wayback Machine known as YouTube, and Daedalus Young:

I wasn’t aware that your avatar started deforming as you went higher.  Could it be that the magnetic containment bottle that surrounds your avatar shape starts breaking down (WHAP!)

Okay, okay; sheesh, let a girl have a little fun….

Anyway, as you can see from the tape, Daedalus’ body starts getting twitchy around the eyebrows somewhere between 40 and 80 km high.  Around 100 km, the avatar’s arms (and probably legs, and any other [ahem] extremities) start losing their vertical hold, so to speak.  That isn’t a case of the jaggies, it’s a case of the chunkies!  Looks more like Plastic Man with the hiccups.

Finally, in the really outer stratosphere, 1,000 km up — that’s one million meters, for us Americans hopelessly stuck in English measurements — you might as well be a scarf flapping in the breeze; nothing is recognizable at all.  According to Daedalus’ notes, much above the 1,000 km mark, and your avatar just disintegrates; nothing visible of the body at all.  For Daedalus, he didn’t regain cohesion, even after returning to surface level, until he logged out and back in.

Beyond the visual effects, Daedalus noted that it was a boring ride.  Building is limited to a ceiling of 1,000 m or less, of course, and so the rest of the distance is nothing but sky and horizon.  I suspect that Daedalus laid something on his keyboard to hold the fly up button depressed, until he got where he was going. It took a while!

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Rev. Mark Brown Steps Down from Anglicans of Second Life

Father Mark in Real Life

Father Mark in Real Life

The Reverend Mark Brown stepped down this weekend from his leadership in the Anglicans in Second Life group, the Residents responsible for the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life on Epiphany Island.  Father Mark, ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in New Zealand, was the head of the leadership team within the group, and also offered services in the English Gothic cathedral build, timed for parishioners in the Pacific region time zones.

In his Saturday farewell message, Mark (known in world as Arkin Ariantho) thanked the parish for their support of him, and recalled the work the group has done since early 2007 in building the cathedral and shaping this ministry of the Anglican Communion in a virtual world.  He noted that this kind of gathering of co-religionists from around the Real World, using the power of the Internet, has an ability to bring the Church through the times of controversy and tough decisions.  From a highlights video at the Cathedral blog:

…When someone comes up to you…and argues that this cannot be a real ministry, each of you are proof and evidence to the contrary.  Here we are, assembled from around the world; here we are through the power of the Internet, and we can worship together.  I genuinely believe that, as our church struggles with theological difference, with cultural difference…, this platform of the Internet is one way the Church will be drawn closer into unity…. (I)t may take many years, but that is my offering to you as a thought for the future….


…As I finish up today, again I want to thank each of you for how you’ve been involved.  In finishing up, this ministry will not finish up.  It will continue, I am certain, to grow from strength to strength, from a quirky idea to deeply relevant; from something on the fringes, to something that will transform the very center of our Church….

The ministry continues in the hands of the Leadership Committee, which organizes regular prayer services and discussion groups on Epiphany.


Best wishes to Father Mark as he moves on to new aspects of his vocation.  He will remain in world, just not directly involved with the organizational matters of the Cathedral.  You can follow his writings at his personal blog.

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Gidge Uriza is Undead!

Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion has a definite style to her writing, and a playful inventiveness at times.  For instance, she recently has become one of the Walking Dead.  No, she wasn’t nailed by someone for Bloodlines; rather, she got ahold of some fangs, as well as a set of holes in her neck.

But did she just walk around in a cape and tuxedo, saying things like, “I vant to drink your blood!”?  Not our Gidge.  Rather, she turned into a vampiric June Cleaver.  Read and attend….

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2009 SL BBBC #2

Continuing on with Alicia Chenaux’s Big Bad Blogger Challenge (using her question again), day no. 2’s suggestion is:

Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like.

I think that would be a day with no crashes or slowdowns due to lag, where I could find a new sim and build that I could explore and maybe be the first to report on.  With luck, it would have locations that I could use for fashion shoots as well as just plain interesting views to share with everyone.  Add to that a chance to model some time for friends like Cajsa and Gidge; and wrapping the day at Frank’s Place with a cool silver bullet and some good Rat Pack music.  That would be a good day indeed.

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2009 SL BBBC #1

Alicia Chenaux has thrown down the 2009 Big Bad Blogger Challenge, and I’m giving it a shot.  So, entry 1 is:

How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

This is a question most subtle, since I’ve written blogs before, focused on RL news and issues.  But, since I restrict this blog for the most part to Second Life, I’ll stay with that theme.  Therefore, I started blogging here a month after I first signed in to SL, in November 2007.  I’m past 18 months now of writing at least 3-4 articles a month, and still finding things to work and chew over.

But how has it enriched me?  Well, aside from the friendships I’ve made, I’ve had a chance to see and celebrate some interesting forms of art that could not be duplicated easily in RL, if at all, such as AM Radio’s many builds; “wear” clothes that I can only dream about in RL due to my budget and body shape; and even embark on a small business career — not a very successful one, but I’m still giving it a try (grin).  And, of course, every time I write an article, my writing gets a little better.

It’s also given me a chance to report on news that more directly affects me than many of the things I talked about in the Real World.  I hope that I’ve served as another vehicle for reporting of the news of the Grid, though not as professionally as Tateru Nino at Massively or Ham Au of New World Notes; I can claim to have scooped them on occasion, though never on anything super important and of substance.  If nothing else, I have served as another voice, hopefully of reason and consideration, in the conversation over the events that are shaping our Second Lives, and I plan to continue doing so.

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