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You Always Remember Your First Doctor!

You Always Remember Your First Doctor!

For me, it was Peter Davison, he of the celery stick in the lapel of his cricket jacket (laughing).  Happy 50th birthday to Doctor Who; it’s been a rocky ride at times, but almost always interesting.  (And you gotta dig the theme song!)

Remember, no matter the body, Who is the Doctor!


Around the World in 196 Books

Taj Mahal, blog

“Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For once, I’m going to intrude a little Real World info into a virtual-world blog, other than a tribute, biography or obituary.  Why so?  Well, because Second Life is as much influenced by the Real World as sheer imagination; after all, something helps inspire our imagination at some point or another, be it a song, a movie, a photo, a painting or a book.  Anyone who helps spread the importance of Spreading Ideas and Thoughts, and any good vehicles that do so, are high on the list of this Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, your humble servant1.

Find out more about Ann Morgan, the subject of this discussion; read on….

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BBC London 2012 Machinima Trailer


Back to the Olympic theme as the fortnight of the London 2012 Games winds down.  Here’s the teaser commercial the BBC was running before the Games began; I was lucky when the Beeb’s embed code wouldn’t work in WordPress, because it forced me to search it up on YouTube, and find a full-length version.

The great thing about this, besides the sheer spectacular beauty of the entire concept, is that it’s all done in the box as a machinima.  There isn’t a live frame in it anywhere!  It wasn’t filmed in Second Life; I’d love it even more if it had been. The idea, of course, is that the whole of London, and even England, is the backdrop for the Games.  You have fishing trawlers laying down lane floats for swimming; boxers in a ring at a cargo port; runners racing down an East End street (with the finish line in front of a shop with the sign Photo Finish); a gymnast doing floor exercises on a pedestrian bridge in the City; an athlete using the south-shore beaches as her sand pit for the long jump….  And all around in the background, you see the upper edges of the Olympic Stadium, showing that the whole country is watching.  Take a look at this thing — you’ll get the idea.

The BBC liked this so much that they use still and partially animated concept frames at the bottom of each of their Olympic Web pages.  If you want to see them (a few of them pop up only rarely), run off to their site and go to the bottom of each page.

Christmas Shopping, Virtually

It’s been a busy Christmas for Grid merchants as well as RL retailers, according to the BBC.  The Venerable Beeb’s presence in world isn’t large or well known yet, unlike Reuters; but their reporter Alison Swersky tells about how several SL merchants (especially fashion, of course) prepared for the holiday season and how they have fared.  The piece is excellent, and recommended reading.

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