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Can’t Beat the Regular (Fashion) Army

It is one of my ambitions to someday scoop Cajsa Lilliehook.

Difficult to do, though.  When it comes to me and fashion, though I enjoy the latest looks, I’m still rather much of a dilettante.  Cajsa, along with her co-blogger, Gidge Uriza, is definitely into the depths of Second Life fashion, finding new looks and new mixes and matches all the time.  She gets review copies, pays attention to new designers, and is generally right there among the leaders of the fashion-blogging pack.

Such is the case this time.  I’d gotten the word about Enua, a new party dress by Miamai, that looked absolutely hawt, and I went and snapped it up, planning to be the first to write an article about it.  Unfortunately, my time in Second Life has been scattered and scattershot this past week.  So, when I finally got everything together and zoomed off to a photosphere, I had lost the race again.  Cajsa wrote about this dress already.  She even chose the same color! — not surprising, since we both are usually redheads.

So I’m doing followup again.  Ah, well; them’s the breaks in journal publishing, and I can always put my own twist on the same dress. To wit:

The hair here is definitely twisted — up over my head and way to the side (grin).  This comes from a hairstylist I hadn’t known about before, but I was sent to by Milli Santos. The store is 3636 — yes, that’s the name; don’t ask me.  I just know that many of the styles are beautiful, and most of them are as out there as this one, named Tila.  I remember seeing a style similar to this worn by Doris Day, believe it or not (probably as a wig, since she didn’t have that much hair even back in the Sixties/Seventies), on an episode of her old television show!  The only difference was that her hair arced up from the back of her head.  I’ve searched through Google Images and can’t find a picture of that scene, but that image has stuck in my head for years.  To find something similar here in world is fantastic!

As you can see, this skirt doesn’t leave much to the imagination!  That, combined with the single shoulder, the jazzy emerald green color and the silver trim, make it great for edgy clubbin’ with that guy your mother warned you about long ago.  I did decide, however, to leave off the fur trimmed collar; that was the one aspect that did not appeal to me.  As a prim attachment, it was simple, and didn’t ruin the dress.

With a gown this short, you can either let the dress make a bold but simple statement, or start heading for the heights.  I chose the heights, and J’s Thigh-High Boots certainly do that.  Made for short dresses and similar situations, they help your legs grab attention.  I did more on that line by putting on my Pixel Mode Version 2 prim nails, then lengthening them to Seventies-Cher distance, so they’re more like talons.  Don’t try to operate a keyboard with these babies on!

I may have made a stumble here in my choices when it came to jewelry.  I’m still not certain about the necklace I picked — Paper’s big uncut garnet necklace from a collection or two ago — but I had been too long working on getting this look together as it was, and I wanted something that would help grab attention, so here it is.  My own suspicion is something more in the costume-jewelry line might be better here.  I do like the bracelets I chose, though; a set of matched bangles from Eclectica Morris; and I think the brown of the Beguiled horn-hoop earrings goes nicely with the dress.

“Now then,” she purred, raising an eyebrow at the fellow at the bar, “just where were you thinking of going after you had that drink…?”

The details:

My standard Type 1 shape, with Chai 04 Black Cherry skin added (no longer available)

  • Hair: 3636 Tila
  • Nails: Pixel Mode sculpted nails, v. 2 (HUD controlled)
  • Gown: Miamai Enua miniskirt party dress (green, w/o fur collar)
  • Shoes: J’s Thigh High Boots (black)
  • Jewelry: Paper Couture Faceted Dark Garnet necklace (2009 collection);
    Eclectica Morris Tulip & Willow bangles;
    Beguiled Curved Horn Hoop earrings (smoky bakelite/silver)

And one of these days, Lilliehook, I will scoop you! (GRIN)

Review — Holidays Jewelry Releases from Beguiled

Gita Rau sent me a set of packages yesterday, containing some new jewelry releases from her store, Beguiled, for my consideration.  And I did consider, and my considered opinion is that it’s mostly very good.

The first set, Smoky Bands, needed little thought from me; in truth, I’ve loved this hoop earring style since I first saw it at the store.  Shaped like a ring horn, the thick end (where the mouth of the horn would be) usually has a metal or jeweled band circling it.  It’s been available in a variety of colors and materials before this new pattern; for this set, Gita includes a matching bracelet and a pair of thin bangles to make a suite.

The next set, Deco Blocks, also appeals to me, since I’m a lover of the Art Deco style.  (Beyond the fact that I sell much Twenties art in my own store, my current house is decorated inside in Deco style.)  The necklace and earrings are a very clean design, with the main element being a single piece with a black/white graphic in enamel.  I might have considered something other than the ebony or onyx beads for the necklace, but it still holds up very well.  (Incidentally, the earrings come in both the form shown here, and a pair with less thickness.)

This set, Tendrils, is as clean as you could wish, and is excellent for casual wear or a party dress.  The dangling silver filaments wave as you move, giving the piece more realism.

Finally, a set designed explicitly for the season, and part of a holiday collaboration package with Baby Monkey and Petunia.  The Christmas-tree necklace comes in two sizes and glow or no-glow.  The wreath earrings are also large or small and glow/no-glow.

Note the plaid texture on the outside of the ring itself.  I’ll admit the first thing that came to my mind was a roll of Scotch tape, but it rather works.  The only thing I have a problem with is the necklace, but I say this because that kind of “costume” jewelry design isn’t really my style.  To me, it’s a little kitschy.  For a Christmas party, though, especially a casual one, such a necklace can be just the thing.

Teleport to Beguiled.

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