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Blarney Stoned

Blarney Stoned

Have you ever tried to do the twist in platform, high-top zori?  It ain’t easy!

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Posted January 23, 2015 by Harper Ganesvoort in Humor

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Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Blarney Stone, Saint Patrick's Day 2014

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Second Life without at least one stop in the Dublin regions, especially the Blarney Stone?  I was there for a time today; and, while I couldn’t hear the music (a sound-card condition I plan to remedy with a new computer before this year goes out), I could see that everyone — more beyond this photo — were having a good time.  Whenever there’s something happening in the Dublins, you should get there; the DJs are great, whichever bar or venue you stop in at.

Turn the page for my March 17 dress.

Post 750 — Bloomsday, Dublin

It’s my 750th article for Around the Grid!  That’s pretty good longevity, I’d say.  I wanted to do something special for such an auspicious number, and the Writer’s Almanac stepped in with a convenient fact.  Today (June 16) is Bloomsday, the day depicted from beginning to end in James Joyce’s Ulysses.  So what better to do than to hang out for a time in the Blarney Stone in Second Life’s own Dublin, do a bit of a walking tour, and put something up on the blog?

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