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Moonlight and Emeralds

Daronna Neris’tina in Emeralds 1

I love using Second Life as a platform for devising costumes for my fiction characters and making them come to life.  And it also gives me a chance to create some really good artwork in my photos!

This suite is of a woman who calls herself Daronna; she is in a pensive mood as she attempts to work out memories in the evening, following the day’s duties.  I tend to write my stores in fits and starts, and so I first began dressing Daronna several years ago, when system and flexi were still the norms in SL fashion, and Bliss Couture was a name to conjure with for many of us.  It was before tattoo makeup, however, and definitely before modern tattoo allowances — this makeup is in six layers!  (As I always attempt to do, I’ve listed the makeup in application order, beginning with the lowest level and building up.)

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L is for — Lazuri

L is for Lazuri 1

Lazuri is definitely one of the name jewelry houses these days, and Zuri Lyric gets better and better with the large stage pieces she specializes in.  This set, which Zuri calls Precise Frimon, consists of a script-driven suite:  heavy necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets for both hands and a set of individual hair pins (which are shaped similar to the pendants on the earrings; they don’t show up in this shot).  Colors are controllable via the menus, and give you a wide range of possibilities to decorate yourself with.

L is for Lazuri 2

These jewels deserved more than a simple one-shot, so I dressed myself up some and trotted out another character from my stories:  I call her Dannta ‘niShantaro, and she’s from the planet Elenia.  Any road, I added to the Lazuri suite a set of prim nails that have some flower or flower-related elements, and dressed myself in a party outfit:

L is for Lazuri 3


The details beyond the jewels:

  • Skin and shape (modified):  Tokyo.Girl Amelia – Natural
  • Eyes:  Poetic Couture classic blue hour
  • Hair:  Truth January (crow w/ roots)
  • Nails:  Love Soul Fascinante prim nails (Red)
  • Makeup (application order):  Baiastice Pola bi-colour eyeshadows and lashes (gold/azure); Glamorize Treasured Kisses Lips (Dark raspberry)
  • Dress:  Bliss Couture Lene (with loose gold leggings added; vintage)
  • Shoes:  BAX Coen Regency Boots (black; mesh)

signature 3

B is for — Bliss

B is for Bliss

I got bliss from Bliss Couture for years, and I made sure to pick some more up during their closing sale late last year.  One of the dresses I purchased was this gown, Dana.  Full coverage in front — with a plunge to past the small of the back behind, in the rich colors Bliss was known for.

signature 3

Empty Bliss

At Bliss

It first struck the writer how things were when she materialized at the old, familiar landing point.  Except that it wasn’t the same place anymore.

Oh, sure, it was the familiar large hall with the pink stairs and the magenta runway and the familiar, long-respected logo reading Bliss Couture at the top of it all.  But the room itself was empty.  There wasn’t another soul in the entire sim.  That was bizarre to say the least; she recalled how, when she had come here in the past, the region had been busy at the very least, and a lag hell when a popular new release or a collection showing was going on.  It wasn’t that now; it was lonely, and a touch eerie, and maybe a little depressing.  She had known for some time that Amutey Decuir was closing the doors on one of the venerable fashion houses, had seen group announcements about closeout sales, all the way down to 90% off all stock.

That had been a while back.  Apparently, just as at the famous Last Sale in 2008, the fashionistas had finally stuffed themselves full of purchases, and had departed for newer couturières, leaving nothing but memories and virtual cobwebs.  She could almost feel the chilly wind of the virtual autumn circulating through the empty halls of the building.  All that remained was for someone to notify Linden Lab to shut down the sim server.

Well, I guess I can indulge as long as I want, as long as my wallet holds out, she thought ruefully to herself.  Doesn’t look like it’ll be a fight to get to any of the vendors.  And, as was usual for her, she turned and made for the gowns first.  But a vague sense of guilt washed through her as she went ahead and shopped her way across the building.  Somehow it just didn’t seem right this time to be buying stuff from such a quality designer at 10 cents on the linden, essentially.  Bliss had always been one of the best designers on the Grid, branching out into hair and furs and casual wear as time went on.  And Amutey had certainly known how to charge for her work.  But she had also kept the prices below L$1,000 for most individual dresses, and even the fatpacks were affordable if you didn’t go on a massive splurge.  This felt…wrong in a way it was hard to explain; almost as if she were picking over carrion like a vulture.

That didn’t stop the writer from going through and stocking up, though.  As she moved everything into a specially-marked Inventory folder for later examination, she decided that, if Amutey was willing, then so be it.  It might be worth a few more lookovers before the sim closes for good.  But, as she sat down to begin writing her thoughts and feelings down, she paused and raised the wine glass on her desk up in a silent toast to Amutey Decuir and her business team, thinking, Thanks much, my lady.  It’s been a hell of a ride.


Bliss Couture Zaks

It’s good to get back into modeling harness here.  It’s been so RL busy lately that I haven’t taken the time to just sit down and do the work needed for a good fashion shoot.  But I squeezed out a block of time from supervising my daughter from afar, and working on recreating a story that was lost in one of my several computer crashes,and forcing myself to ignore Pinterest for a while, and got this photographed.  It helped that the dress seized my attention!

The only thing new on me here is the dress, which is brand spanking fresh from Amutey Decuir and Bliss Couture.  It’s called Zaks, and I fell in love with the print pattern on it when I saw the publicity photos on Flickr.  It’s so soft and feminine and reminds me of water plants, so I went to the Water Temple at Cerridwen’s Cauldron to photograph this.

The one thing I don’t absolutely like about this dress is the shape of the skirt itself.  It definitely attracts attention, but it seems a little weird to be walking around in, even as an evening gown (which is what I believe Amutey intends this dress to be).  I was wearing this, however, when I got in touch with one of the estate managers at my house to fix a few problems, and the first words out of her were that she loved this dress.  This, then, like all of fashion, is a case of Your Mileage May Vary.  (It also varies for me in the sense that I don’t see this as an evening gown, but perhaps one for a daytime party or a resort.  Again, this is how I’m interpreting it with my personal sense of style.)


The details:

  • Dress:  Bliss Couture Zaks (turquoise)
  • Boots:  BAX Coen Prestige Boots (gold)
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady Emerald Wedding Ring Set (platinum); Elate! Square Stone Ring (onyx/silver); EarthStones Dangle Stud Earrings, and Tennis Bracelet and Necklace, all in champagne diamonds/gold
  • Hair:  Analog Dog Harper (onyx) (A different Harper, incidentally, not me [grin].)

Photographed at Cerridwen’s Cauldron region



Bliss Couture Does Fur

Bliss Couture gave the fashion press and public a look at their up-and-coming fur line over the past weekend at a pair of fashion shows at the flagship store.  While I didn’t catch most of the actual show, I did get a chance to check out the vendors, which were left up over the weekend.  They’ve been taken back in now, so you’ll need to keep your ear to the ground for when Amutey Decuir decides to release them into the general collection.

But here’s a taste of what to expect, provided to me as a gift by Queen Watanabe, Amutey’s marketing manager:

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