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Zaara Opens New Island Store in SL — (updated)

I’m running out of group slots, so I haven’t joined the newsgroup for patrons of Zaara Kohime, the owner and designer of Zaara, and therefore didn’t know that she has moved.

In case, poor fashion-driven soul, you haven’t heard of this place, ’tis truly bizarre of you, for Zaara is becoming one of the finest designers in Second Life.  In case you haven’t tired of me crowing about this woman’s work, her dresses are supremely elegant, her textures and colors mouth-watering delicious, her saris the most versatile I’ve seen so far — I’ve yet to wear one to Frank’s Place, but I think it would fit right in with the formal scene there [1] –and her ghagra skirts wonderful to move in!

Zaara kept store in the Tesla sector for a time; but she’s moved and opened up her own island just yesterday (Monday, January 12).  I’m not here to talk about the clothes, though, but about that new island; Zaara worked on it herself, and it’s as much of a gem as her clothes are.  Click on the thumbnails starting on the next page, and follow.

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AM Radio Video

Most Second Life Residents probably know by now about the sensational art builds of AM Radio, the creator of The Far Away and several more temporary exhibitions. If you want to get a look at stills from around his worlds, just check out the Flickr photostream of Hitomi Mokusei.

Or you can watch the below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Quiet and The Far Away and Husk o…“, posted with vodpod

Thanks to Amy Wilson.

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Second Life’s Oldest Virtual Object?

For all the blogs I link to, I don’t read them as often as I should. So I was catching up on Wagner Au’s New World Notes, and I ran across this article from June 24, especially significant in light of SL5B:

One day Green Beebe noticed a brightly colored beach ball floating above Smoky, and flew up to see. “Now it might not seem very interesting, a beach ball,” Green acknowledges. “Except this beach ball was made by Philip Linden in April 2002 before SL was even launched.”…

Now that’s not bad, something surviving that long (at least in some form; Ham speculates that it may simply be a copy of a long-gone item). The odds are that there are other things out there, lost somewhere in the vastness of What Philip (and many others) Hath Wrought. But how would you be able to tell unless you started right-clicking on everything you see and checking properties?

Someone needs to build a museum to house this forlorn little beach ball. It should be placed on the Metanational Register of Historic Landmarks. It should be preserved somehow!

(By the way, Ham, who was the owner listed on the thing?)

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