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12 things to check BEFORE you publish your next Second Life blog post

Canary Beck’s list of things to do before you click “Submit” in the sidebar. I don’t do all of these things — as much because some of them are not necessary for my writing. Lately, though, I’ve thrown in some large PNG graphics; it probably slows down the loading on those articles, and so I’m swinging back to JPGs for in the blog, even for those with fast connections. (Multiple large files on a fast connection can be as bad as one large file on a slow connection.) Some things here for all of us writers to consider.

SL Blogger Support

Have you ever published a post only to remember a bunch of things you wish you’d done before pressing publish? I find that one of the most annoying things about blogging is knowing what to do, but forgetting to do it. As blogging gets more and more complicated however, it’s really tough to remember everything. Instead of wracking my unreliable brain before I hit the publish button (and inevitably missing something important), I now use a blog post PRE-publish checklist and a blog post POST-publish checklist for every blog post I write.

When I made these checklists, I thought it might be useful for other Second Life bloggers who would rather not have to remember every single little thing before they publish a post – and instead use a checklist to help them remember everything – and there is a lot!

So here is my 12-Point Pre-publish Blog Post Checklist. Bookmark this…

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