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Abbotts Aerodrome Purchased By Cheshyr Pontchartrain

New World Notes had a big budget of news today, and I’d encourage you to go and read it all.  (That’s why I provide the link [grin].)  But the biggest story today is the announcement Ham discovered in the comments on Cubey Terra’s blog.  Another avatar, Cheshyr Pontchartrain, has purchased the leasehold and goodwill to Abbotts Aerodrome, the pioneering aeronautical store and airport begun by Cubey way back in the dim ages of the Grid.  This saves the business from the “cold hand of the Alterator” — or perhaps we should say the De-Rezzer — when Cubey chose to close Abbotts down, as was reported last week by Liv Leigh.

It’s good to know that this landmark of SL history will still be among us.  Hopefully Linden Lab will consider maintaining some of these as historical services to the community as time goes by, but the best route for such is probably still looking — or hoping — for an angel to come in with cold cash and purchase it, as Cheshyr has done here, or as Frank and Nanceee Sinatra did by purchasing the old Bogart’s club and placing it on one of their regions.  Any Lindens reading this, please consider beginning a program of the first option!  I’m sure a committee could be set up to advise on such matters, part Lindens and part Residents, to reach a reasoned decision on nominated builds for the Governor to keep in place.  Not all of the mainlands are wastelands, after all.

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