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Usul Walks Amongst Us Again!

Day 283 / 4751 C. E., Vidran, planet Videra —

A rather neat little café and wine bar had been constructed near Ariel Sherman’s home, and the golden cyborg tried to drop into the place at least once a month.  Normally, top-name entertainers tried to keep their private time to themselves.  Ariel Sherman, CRO, COV, and one of the best-known performing stars in the quadrant, almost always managed to pass her time quietly in this café, whether by herself, with members of her ‘borg family, or friends from town.  Partly, it was because this was Videra, and the laws of the pleasure planet that was Ariel’s home and place of work could be summed up in a sentence:  “Feel free to do whatever you want, so long as it does no harm to yourself or others.”  Native Viderans were apparently taught this in the womb; they were always exquisitely polite, there when you needed help, and otherwise let you live your life in peace and quiet — not antisocial, just understanding that you wanted to pursue your pleasure and had the right to do so without interference.

Which was what Ariel was doing now, sitting in the café alongside Dara Furtano-Fa, her close friend and fellow ‘borg.  The pair were hanging out beside the coffee bar, with frothy drinks in hand or beside them.  Between bouts of conversation, whenever someone passed by carrying a similar beverage, Ariel would smile and exchange a few words of greeting that were distinctly ritualistic in form.  Dara had learned the words instantly, of course, from listening to Ariel and the others, but they meant little to her.  After another lifeform, this one a Zovitchian with lemon-yellow skin and a nearly flat nose in its elongated head, had bowed to them both and clinked his cup against theirs, Dara turned to her mentor and friend and murmured, “And you really don’t know that much about what this is all about?”

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The Death of Atomic Coffee

Death of Atomic Coffee

“Atomic coffee — ACTIVATE!!!

I always cried out this while sitting in the Blarney Stone during Morning Coffee, before pulling out my own cup of joe out of Inventory.  I always figured this was the perfect representation of a cup of raktajino — Klingon coffee.  It’s truly said that espresso is coffee with hair; raktajino is coffee with teeth — and sharp ones, too, befitting a Klingon beverage.  In reality, of course, whoever created this coffee mug got a little crazy when they were implanting the particle generator, and the result was a cup that seemed to glow as if it had just been pulled from a nuclear reactor core.

Well, during my current Inventory cleanout, I found the old coffee mug, and tried it on for grins — and the sim started to lag like hell.  It appears this coffee has been left on the burner for too long.  Sad to see it go, but I pitched it

Now what will I do for raktajino???

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Sunrise In Tropical Sands Region

A cup of coffee and the beginning of a new day….

(That is a coffee cup I’m holding.  I drink SL Atomic Coffee — so strong, it makes your cup glow.  More of a hit than raktajino, the famous Klingon coffee.)

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