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Great Hair from Tukinowaguma

I stumbled across Tukinowaguma hair sometime in the deep, dark past that I can’t remember, and I purchased one of her interesting wigs at that time.  But I didn’t go crazy about her hair until I got a sale ad from the Galleria at Frank’s, which drew me to her store there.  After catching sight of the other styles she had, I ran off to her main store and went crazy. KateForster Akina does lovely bobs, one of which I include in this photo essay; but her updos are fantastic as well.  If you’re looking for big hair for a ball or formal dance gown, definitely try out one of the Tukinowaguma stores, and you’ll find things there to enchant.

Most, if not all, of the styles are scripted for color change, by the way; click on the wig to bring up the menu.  You should either make a copy of the original (preferable, unless you have a huge Inventory), or choose a white shade to bring back the original base color.

I’ve placed the best of the photos I’ve taken in a set on my Flickr stream, and on Koinup as well.  If you like them, please leave comments (both here and there!).  But I’ll give you a small taste here of what I came up with, instead of drowning you in six tons of photos on this blog. As it worked out, I had a mess of Satin Sheen gowns from Nicky Ree on hand as well, and sets of opera gloves from Mimikri; and so I decided to try a themed photo shoot, changing only colors, shoes, hair and jewelry.  A few WindLight tweaks, courtesy of Torley Linden’s excellent package, are also used here.  As long as you have a good default saved to fall back on, don’t be afraid to experiment with those sliders, for both sky and water!

A few notes:

  • Nicky’s Satin Sheen gown is available at her store in most colors for L$100.  This absurdly low price for a Nicky Ree original is because she’s offering the original — it appears, from my reading of the notes I found in the packages, that someone’s copied her.  Please patronize the original designers, not the 7th Avenue knockoff “artists.”
  • Mimikri’s gloves are some of the best I’ve found on the Grid.  The cuffs are prim addons, so I did a little mixing of colors for effect, to match a few of the gowns.  Buy the whole set, and use the cuffs to show the “lining” of your gloves!

Turn the page and behold!

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Scripted SL Hair by Tekeli-li

When most Residents think of “scripted” prim hair, they probably have in mind wigs that they cannot move the prims on themselves, but can shift the fit using LSL and “blue box” control buttons.  Some content creators stand by these, because it makes the wig hard to copy and resell as your own piece; the Residents I’ve talked to, though, are not thrilled by this facet.  They prefer to copy the hair and make micro-adjustments themselves to the individual prims.

But there’s another kind of scripted hair, which allows changes to other aspects besides shaping; and that’s what Tekelili Tantalus, owner of the Tekeli-li role-playing costume stores, has come up with.  Tek carries a number of styles which are intricately coiffed, and contain scripts that change hair color, and the colors/textures/lights of the hardware you’re wearing in the hair as well.  And the combinations he has come up with are stunning.  The inspirations are mainly from fantasy, but with dashes of science fiction thrown in here and there.  Tek even adds in a few jewelry sets that echo the theme of the hairstyle — and they’re scripted, too, for the same versatility.

This article will be large, with lots of pictures, combining the hair with various dresses and costumes; so I’m breaking it here, aside from one teaser.  If you’re interested in seeing more, “turn the page” and check out the photos I’ve put in.  (You can also see them on my Flickr stream.)

So, here’s the teaser; see what you think….

Juno, just one of the styles available!

Juno, just one of the styles available!

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Hair, Do I Have Hair!

This is really a supplemental to the previous article, and it’s basically to drive home a point.

Do I Have Hair!

And that point:  you can accumulate a lot of hair.  This is sixteen — yes, 16 — THiNC boxes, each one with at least 15 wigs.  Several of them have many more.  And there’s more in the ol’ Inventory that I can’t dig out just yet; otherwise, I could build a wall of THiNC boxes filled just with hair fatpacks.

“Bless me, Father, for I have more hair than Imelda had shoes….”

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Inventory Problems? Pack Up Your Fatpacks!

I’ve been sitting down (so to speak) and doing some serious inventory clearing — getting rid of all the old freebies from my early days, boxing up other stuff — and I’ve come to a great realization:

Hair fatpacks are wonderful — and terrible.

Wonderful in that you get all these fantastic colors in insanely great styles, so that you can change your hair color as your mood changes (or swings).  But terrible — in that you get all these fantastic colors….  Upwards of between 50-100 different colors per style, depending on how many different shades the stylist provided!  And, as I’m a serious coiffurista, I’ve bought a lot of fatpacks.

How many?  Well, my inventory was around 9,000 items.  Right now, as I’m taking a break from filling THiNC boxes, I am at exactly 8,420.  Actually, I thought I’d packed up a lot more than that, but there you are; some of that may be repacking styles that I’d simply shoveled into a plywood cube, and am now repacking in something that lets me choose more easily, instead of opening the whole thing at one swell foop.  I know I’ll be packing up a lot more when I hit the extreme styles I love so much, such as by Sinsation, etc.

A hint:  go to THiNC, and buy Toneless Tomba’s inventory boxes; they look like upright footlockers.  And buy the copyable form, which gives you all the colors, and lets you rezz up as many as you like.  It will be a time- and moneysaver in the long run, and allow you to sort through what you have in terms of colors.  Many stylists include the ad image along with the hair, and so you can usually apply the texture to at least one face of the box.  (I wouldn’t do that to the front face, where the menu controls are located, just to be safe.)  Fill the box — possibly two boxes, depending on how many wigs you have for a style — close the edit and take the box into inventory, then delete the loose wigs.  You’ll be amazed how much space you’ll gain back quickly.

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I’m In With the In Crowd

Well, so to speak….

The other night, I was prepping to do some shopping when good friend Gidge Uriza invited me to help out with a photo shoot she and Cajsa Lilliehook (another good friend) were doing for their joint blog, It’s Only Fashion.  Get a chance to be a fashion model?  Do I want to join them?  Does a lion live on the savanna?

Three minutes later, after a change of clothes at the store they were featuring, and a change of hair, I was posing alongside these two fashion powerhouses.  You can see Gidge’s writeup of the session and several photos at their blog — along with some witty comments.  The entire shoot is available at Gidge’s Flickr stream.

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Hair Fair Photo Contest

I’ve actually been back from my RL vacation for several days now (and I announced it in my own inimitable way on my business blog, Harper’s Art).  Press of other matters, including getting the kids geared up for the start of school, has kept me from saying anything over here.

But I’ve also been busy with some more idle pursuit.  For one thing, I’ve enough pictures on my Flickr account that I’ve had to either purchase a Pro package, or be limited to the most recent 200 at any time.  So I spent most of this morning reorganizing Flickr to suit my overactive tendency to organize information.  (I can’t organize my house, but I can organize my data; go figure.)  Go in to the thing and check my collections and sets; you’ll find it subdivided quite nicely now.  And, when I had a few free moments, I’ve been up to something else on the Grid and Flickr.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the 2008 Hair Fair is coming in August, and the organizers have opened up a Flickr group for avatars to compete on who has the most interesting or best or whatever style.  You’re allowed 10 different shots total; the winners will be announced during Hair Fair.  (More details at the group.)  Men and women are welcome.  Come on and let’s see what’s sprouting from your follicles!

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