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Five Grand????


I regularly go through new photos from my contacts on Flickr and Koinup — the chief source for my Contact Sheet articles.  A few days ago, I laid eyes on a piece that got me interested, an intriguingly designed avant-garde dress, and so I shot off to the store the first chance I found and hunted until I found the gown.

The price was — wait for it — L$5,350.  You read that right — over five grand for this dress.  Over $20 USD.   That’s close to half of what I usually purchase for my work and amusement each week, nearly as much as my monthly rent for my land!  Things have improved financially for me, to where I could afford this somewhat, but I still balked.  I walked away from this fabulous dress.

Now I’m all for just and sufficient compensation for an artist’s work, never purchasing knockoffs at a copybottist; and, admittedly, a good design in Second Life is as much artwork as anything.  Avant-garde gowns such as the one I’m ranting about are time consuming and intricate to create, often involving the hanging of many prims to achieve the desired effect.  But when you start charging on an equivalent line to the prices asked for a real-world gown at the top Paris or Milan couturièrs, that takes all the affordability out of it for the people who you’re trying to sell your work to.  I can’t see this designer selling their work to anyone but other successful designers who are making money in world, often selling for perhaps L$1,200 tops.

Anyone have another take on this?


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