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Hair Fair Photo Contest

I’ve actually been back from my RL vacation for several days now (and I announced it in my own inimitable way on my business blog, Harper’s Art).  Press of other matters, including getting the kids geared up for the start of school, has kept me from saying anything over here.

But I’ve also been busy with some more idle pursuit.  For one thing, I’ve enough pictures on my Flickr account that I’ve had to either purchase a Pro package, or be limited to the most recent 200 at any time.  So I spent most of this morning reorganizing Flickr to suit my overactive tendency to organize information.  (I can’t organize my house, but I can organize my data; go figure.)  Go in to the thing and check my collections and sets; you’ll find it subdivided quite nicely now.  And, when I had a few free moments, I’ve been up to something else on the Grid and Flickr.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the 2008 Hair Fair is coming in August, and the organizers have opened up a Flickr group for avatars to compete on who has the most interesting or best or whatever style.  You’re allowed 10 different shots total; the winners will be announced during Hair Fair.  (More details at the group.)  Men and women are welcome.  Come on and let’s see what’s sprouting from your follicles!

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