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2017 OFPC Update 1 — Audrey Hepburn

The first three entries are in the group for this year’s Oscar Fashion Photo Contest.  I really want at least five to seven more before I’d declare it a contest, so consider this your call to work up a look and make a run down the red carpet.  You’ll have a shot at a slice of over L$ 50,000, remember, so get your stylists thinking!


Normally, I’d do a sidebar piece in this first update on one of the style icons of the red carpet, especially at the Oscars and Golden Globes.  This year, I ran out of names to consider; Jem and me will have to bang our heads together over the next year to see if we can agree on someone.  So, this year, we’ll just look at a flat-out style icon — in fact, possibly the style icon of motion pictures:  Audrey Hepburn.  Hepburn reigned as a screen fashion queen and real-life style setter staring in her twenties, with a definite knowledge of what looked completely smashing on her. And this in despite of her apparently lifelong self-image as an ugly duckling, according to an interview with BBC News.

(Be prepared if you click through; the full article is graphics-intensive.)

More on Audrey and her film style on the next page.

Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — T MINUS 1 DAY!


The limousine let us off outside the theatre, and we slid out with thanks to the driver for his smooth service.  After running the gauntlet of photographers and reporters and fans along the red carpet, we got inside to the grand staircase, where Conan met us.  “I hope you two enjoyed the limo ride.”

“It was fairly nice,” I drawled with a smile.  “But I guess it’s time to pay the bill for it now, isn’t it?”

“Only if you want to do this insanity again.  One year of judging photos convinced me you must be out of your mind to do this contest as long as you have.”

“It’s not that bad,” Jem laughed.  “I enjoyed it.  And the posing is always fun, of course.”

Conan just chuckled.  “If you say so.  Come on; we can go up here out of the way of most everything and everyone.”

“Lead on,” I said, and we climbed the staircase.


Tomorrow is the day!  Check Around the Grid at 7:00 a.m. SLT for a sticky article that will give you the rules for the 8th Oscar Fashion Photo Contest.  There will also be (once I add the links during the day some time) a press release for immediate use, and a smaller photo you can use if you choose to write your own story about the contest.  The Flickr group should be opened up shortly before the article publishes to the blog, to make sure it’s ready for anyone who’s already done their work during the teaser period here (grin).  After that, it’s all up to you and you and you; and, in eight weeks, we’ll see who gets the long share of L$50,500 in cash!

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Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — T Minus 2 Days!


When Jem and I got downstairs, and saw the limousine Conan had hired for us to get to the theatre, the best we could say was “Wow!”  A classic saloon car nearly as old as the Oscars themselves, and it was a beauty, never mind the driver that held the door open for us!


Two days to go before the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest opens up with the announcement and this year’s rules.  As I said yesterday, there aren’t any substantive changes to the rules this time around.  The only change will be to the duration — we’re adding on a week, since the Academy chooses to do the show so quickly these days.  (You used to have eight to ten weeks to do your shot; now you’re lucky to get seven.)  Two months is a bit of time, true.  But it gives everyone a chance to select gowns or suits, work up their looks, and find a place to shoot.  And we always expect good work from entrants; there’s a seven-year history of this, after all.

It also helps if you spread the word about the contest.  I’ve been running our little series of photos in every Flickr group I figured I could get away with it in, and so far nobody’s complained.  But it will still be a very good thing if you write up the contest yourself and link to the announcement and rules article on Sunday.  The more eyes that see this, the better; and this thing is really open to anyone with an SL avatar or two and a good eye and hand for doing quality photographic work.  If nothing else, you can link to the blog’s front page; the announcement will be sticky there until the contest closes.  Here’s hoping for a record-breaking year on submissions!

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Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — T Minus 3 Days!


At last, the preliminaries were over, and I pulled the really pretty stuff on! The gown from Byrne was a lovely minty pattern shot through with silver threads, and just legal for the television cameras if I made it onto the tube. I smiled at what might happen to my reputation if I had a Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” and one of my boobs leaped out from the deep slash of the bodice, but the gown was too nice to turn down. I paired it with white opera gloves from Sweet Tea, Hortensia heels from Glamistry, and the latest suite of jewelry from Lazuri, named Paris.

Jem nodded at me as I pulled on the bracelet and made sure the catch was done up.  “Important jewelry, check.  Perfect makeup, check.”

I laughed a little.  “Dress ready to slide off my nipples, check.  Or is that, ‘Nipples ready to pop out of my dress’?  That oughta catch the photograpers’ attention!”

“You shoulda went strapless, then,” Jem replied with a grin as she turned off her e-cigarette.  “No worries on this gown, even if I take a deep breath.”  Jem had chosen a billowing purple ball gown from Gaall for tonight’s affair (we both purchased our dresses at the December round of Swank); and a queen would turn green at the fortune in diamonds circling her neck and wrists, as well as dangling from her ears (all done by Zuri Rayna), called Winter Symphony.  KC Couture heels were on her feet, and she was elegant indeed tonight.

“Yeah.  Could you have said that if you had gone dressed as Rita Hayworth, out of Gilda?  I’ve done her twice in the blog; I know that dress.”

Jem deigned not to answer, but she giggled as she waved the black envelope in her hand and tucked her e-cigarette into her clutch.  “You got it all together, Harper?”

“From the shoes to the perfume.  And Conan has the limousine out front.  Let us rock!”


Are you getting ready to rock?  The group opens in just three days.  I will say that there won’t be any changes in substance from previous years’ editions of the contest; the three of us couldn’t come up with ideas we felt improved on the basic theme of the night. So if you’ve participated before, just review the rules and go for it.  If you haven’t entered in the past, read the rules.  It has been pointed out to me that they’re long, but we’re talking L$50,000 in prizes here.  We’ve worked to make them as clear as possible, and we will answer questions.

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Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September

Second Life is about more than fashion, than sex, than dancing and parties.  Second Life is about what you make it — completely and truly.  Fashion and pretty vistas are mostly my thing (especially because I don’t have the tools or time to do the creations I’d really like to attempt), but others have done far more creative work.  For instance, The Basilique Performing Arts Company has produced a movie, based on their very popular performance of Bunyan’s Paradise Lost.  You can find out lots of juicy details here, including how to win a shot at L$20,000 in a photo contest!

Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September.

Paradise Lost The Movie Contest

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Vintage Fair 2012 Competition Announced At Evion Ember’s Blog

Evion Ember’s blog this morning was talking up the 2nd Vintage Fair Flickr Competition, which opened on July 28 and runs until August 21.  There’s better than L$ 100,000 up for you to get a slice of, so go to her story and read the rules, and join the appropriate Flickr group!

2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Final Update

Copyright 2012, Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

People are starting to flow into the auditorium at the Kodak Theatre, so to speak.  The red carpet is being rolled out, the decorative statues are going up along the walkway and around the stage, and the velvet ropes are being strung up to keep the crowds back.  Tomorrow night is the big night in Hollywood, when lots of people get to meet the Little Gold Man, either again or for the first time.

Once again at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium in Casablanca Boulevard

And you know what that means in Second Life.  The deadline is almost upon you.  It’s less than 48 hours before the photo contest closes.  I have 45 entries to date from the Flickr and Koinup groups, but there’s still time to call in your stylists and put together a look that you think everyone will be downloading off the Net the day after Oscar Night to drool over.

Think you got the chops to stand toe-to-toe on the red carpet with Renée Zellweger or Anne Hathaway?  Check out the rules real fast, and enter before 12:01 a.m. SLT Monday morning.

2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 2

Fourteen days to go before entries close on the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, and the submissions are fantastic so far!  To this writing, I have 33 entries from Second Life Residents, an excellent pool, and one that will make the judging fun — and difficult, I assure you.  We have lots of talented and beautiful women out there, designers and photographers both, and it’s always a pleasure to go over their work in detail when the judging begins.  For those who just want to admire what’s been entered to date, check out the contest groups at Flickr and Koinup.

If you haven’t entered yet, please consider doing so now.  Here are the rules for you to review, at the original announcement.  For old hands, I’ve made one tweak to the rules, but nothing major:  simply to note that vintage fashion dating back to around 1928 is welcome.  Oscar is 84 years old, recall, and a lot of beautiful confections have been worn by a lot of lovely ladies.  The previous update, on Feb. 3, has a mini photo gallery of some of the more interesting looks over the years.  (My favorite is probably the gown worn by Loretta Young in her upset win for The Farmer’s Daughter back in 1948.)

Remember, two weeks to go to get your entries in!  One entry per avatar, please.

2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 1

With about a week and a half gone out of the month before the RL Academy Awards are handed out, I have 18 entries on Flickr, and only three on Koinup.  And most of these were hand-invited.  If you know anyone who enjoys evening gowns and would be interested in entering my Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, please let them know about it.  Even better, if you write or publish a blog, please link back here to my announcement article, so that your readers can find the rules and consider entering.  Remember, there’s a slice of L$6,500 at stake, as well as the sheer fun and glory of matching your fashion chops against some of the fiercest fashionistas ever hatched in RL (grin).

Incidentally, vintage fashion is quite acceptable, and I’ll amend the rules to reflect this.  Keep in mind that Oscar is 84 years old this year.  People were walking the red carpet long before it became so important to fashion critics.  Witness this small retrospective of past Academy Awards ceremonies:

Remember, get your entries in!

2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Announced — Updated February 3

Me pausing for a moment at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium in Casablanca Boulevard, home of this year's Miss Virtual World Pageant. You cannot really tell the scale of this theater from this photo, as it is seriously large, with a quite large backstage as well.

The announcements of nominees came out this morning for the 84th Academy Awards.  My preferences, just to let you know, are no preferences; I haven’t seen a one of these, not even the Best Picture category, which is nine films long this year.  So why am I talking about the Oscars?  Because it’s time for the the 2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest at Around the Grid!

The contest groups will open for submissions once this article is published, and the prize pool is in escrow (so to speak).  Time to talk to your stylists, find your hairdresser and book a time, call in favors at the jewelry stores, and decide what you would wear if you became a nominee for the little gold man.  For those considered outstanding in their evening couture and artistic portrayal, there shall be (15 minutes) of fame, (a tiny bit of) fortune (for Second Life Residents only), and hopefully fun in playing the game.

The rules follow the break —

Read the rest of this entry »

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