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It’s Only Fashion’s Great SL Photo Hunt Announced

Writing from College Park, Florida.

If you don’t already read It’s Only Fashion, written by Cajsa Lilliehook, Gidge Uriza et al., you need to.  It’s one of the nicest blogs I’ve read out there in the world revolving around the Grid.  And now Cajsa has come up with a contest for you.

The Great SL Photo Hunt encourages you to explore Second Life in search of places where you can complete 100 different photo projects.  (The full list is available at Cajsa’s blog.)  They can be as simple as “You ironing clothes,” or as complex as “You and as many friends as possible stuffed in a phone booth.”  So you’re going to need some help on at least some of these projects; time to start contacting your friends and networking.  There are prizes for completing activities, with first worth L$6,500 in cash and goodies!

Read the article, get out the camera, and get to work!

Where it Begins Photo Contest (via Awesome Blossom)

I enjoy the occasional photo contest; indeed, I like to think my annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest is one of the cultural highlights of the Grid (WHACK!!)

Okay, okay…. (glaring).  Anyway, there are other photo contests out there, and this one caught my attention as I was reviewing recent articles on  The prizes are pretty nice here; you might want to read on and give it a check….


Where it Begins Photo Contest Submit your pictures of the Where it Begins sim for your chance to win cash & prizes! Entries accepted May 1st – 15th Contest rules: • 1-2 submissions per person • Photos may be Photoshopped • Entries must be added to the “Where it Begins” Flickr Group • Entries must contain “Where it Begins Photo Contest” in their titles • Your FULL avatar name must be included somewhere in the description of the photo • Winners will be announced on May 20th … Read More

via Awesome Blossom


Last 2 Days of 2011 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest!

Just a quick note to remind you the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, which was extended this year due to my computer problems, will be closing on Tuesday, March 15.  Now’s the time if you’ve been holding back; the prizes aren’t large (L$2,500 to the winner), but it’s enough for a new gown at Fashion for Life!  Go here for the rules, and drop me some entries!!

Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Extended 2 Weeks

I was hoping to have a new desktop by this time, but luck has not been with me.  I’m working from an iPhone most of the time, so I can’t do much sophisticated blog work, graphics cut/paste, etc., beyond the lack of ability to easily open tabs and compare photos back and forth like I have in my previous two contests.  So I will extend the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest by two weeks, and make the closing date March 15.  This will give more people time to submit entries as well.  Thanks for your understanding.

Oscar Fashion Contest — Give Me Entries!!

I’m still looking for entries for the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, ladies.  I haven’t been able to publicize it this year as I did last year due to my desktop malfunctions; but it’s still open, and I’m thinking of extending it for an extra two weeks because of the computer problems.

If you haven’t already, read the rules here, and start shooting!

Oscar SL Fashion Contest Submissions Extended to March 6

Gee, I’m offering avatar girls free money, and nobody’s taking me up on it…?

I published an article on a little contest I’m running for your best choices for red-carpet-worthy Second Life gowns, leading up to the Academy Awards on March 7.  The response?  Well, I’m having to go out and hunt for contest entries, and invite them to my Flickr or Koinup groups.  You’d think a shot at L$1,500 first prize would get some interest.

Well, I’ll put this fresh announcement up, and I’ll extend the deadline to 11:59 p.m. SLT March 6 (or 12:01 a.m. on the 7th).  C’mon, ladies!  Are you gonna pass up the chance at the cost of a new Miamai or Nicky Ree gown here, plus a little ego-boo in the bargain?

Events on the Grid

Shuffling through blogs this morning, I came across a pair of art items, one quite a nice opportunity, and the other almost sure to generate controversy in light of previous happenings.


First, the easy. Prim Perfect magazine and blog have joined with the Orange Island community to sponsor a fashion photography contest, which will run across five days during the week of August 25. Competitors must shoot to a different theme each day, at a location specified by the judges, for daily prizes. There will also be a Grand Prix for the Most Consistent team, available only to those who participate across all five days.

For more details, you can read at the Orange Fashion Photo Contest blog, or on page 48 of Prim Perfect’s issue 11. Get yourself warmed up, get a good model (or spruce up your own avatar), and go for it!

Thanks to Maggie Mahoney of Runway magazine.


And now, the rough.

The word has gone out on the Big Blog.  Volunteers are being solicited for this year’s Burning Life Festival, the in-world equivalent of the famous Burning Man art festival in the Real World.  It’s said that Philip Rosedale got his idea for Linden World, the predecessor of Second Life, from attending Burning Man in 1999.  (That may be, but there must be a dollop of Neal Stephenson in here somewhere, too….)

So what’s the problem?  They’ve done this for several years now, with no complaints from anybody.  Well, Ari Blackthorne examines the festival in light of Linden Lab’s apparent current policy of sanitizing — some would say “Disneyfying,” as Manhattan did to a good deal of Times Square — the Grid.  Remember that Burning Life emulates Burning Man in many ways; and one of them has been a general casualness about clothing.  Ari is suspicious about what will happen to Burning Life if the Lab decides to go after the exposure factor, as it did with ageplay and other matters during the planning for the recent SL5B celebration.  Ari notes:

No one twisted anybody’s arm to go running around to the pr0n clubs, or to put their money into these banks, or any of all that other crap, yet it was the shrill vocal minority that whined about it all. And remember, the alleged trading of RL photographs of child porn in the sensational news story that seemed to be the catalyst for all the bad press about Second Life is alleged. The last word from Linden Lab is that they have not been able to find these assets in the system, thus the media company fanning those flames may also have been blowing smoke up Linden Lab’s ass – just to ‘validate’ the sensationalism of their so-called news story.

If this is the case, then the funky lab on Linden Street, where you could get away with about anything in its virtual world, is definitely adopting a policy of reaction to bad press similar to many normal businesses.  To borrow from an old television program, the new management is getting measured for a team jacket, size 54 extra-uptight.  Virtual nudity isn’t particularly my thing — I ran off last night from someone who was pretending to be a body model at Alady Island and asked me if I’d like to have some fun — but that kind of trolling insanity does not happen routinely in Second Life, despite what the press has to say.

Burning Life doesn’t fall under the canopy of “what you do in the privacy of your home is your affair,” but my understanding is that it’s usually been clean, safe and fun.  It isn’t a mass meet-for-meat market, but a place to display your creativity, just like the celebration of artists in RL; and what is SL but a whole mess of artists at one point or another, shaping a new world for research and enjoyment?  I think the festival should come under the rubric of “If it doesn’t hurt your neighbor or yourself, go ahead and do it,” advocated by such as the ever-lovin’ Spider Robinson in Callahan’s Lady.

The question is, will the new Linden Lab mentality allow that this year and in future?

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