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Amazing Photo Shares

If you’ve been to my Flickr stream, you’ll see that I put up most of my photos under Creative Commons sharing allowances.  As long as you attribute who took the photo, I’m usually cool with the use.  Well, Cajsa Lilliehook added a plurk tonight, talking about some of the…interesting…uses her own photos have been put to.  Someone apparently illustrated an article on food spots in Palos Verdes, Calif. with a photo of a kale burrito she took one time.

That made me wonder where my own photos have been to, so I Googled “photo by Harper Ganesvoort”, and this is what I’ve found:

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Creative Commons Licenses Come to Koinup

Koinup, the European-based home of virtual artwork, has announced that you may now set your copyright permissions on your works for Creative Commons allowances. The new capability, which you can set either on upload or on each individual item, includes full copyright and all five standard CC settings (Attribution, Attribution NoDerivs, Attribution NonCommercial, Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs, Attribution NonCommercial ShareALike).

Creative Commons, in case you’ve been under a rock somewhere, essentially lets you determine what kinds of allowances you will grant on usage of your work.  If you want a full-on copyright, with all rights needing to be cleared through you, you make it the standard All Rights Reserved, and the usual © symbol will be placed somewhere in a legal disclaimer on your page(s).  But if you’re willing to share the work to some degree, you can specify, once you’re familiar with what each of the Creative Commons allowances entails, by making the appropriate settings on your upload.  A different symbol can then be placed on the page, usually something like this:

(as you’ll find in my sidebar very high up the run); or

(you’ll find this on Flickr).  Clicking on the graphic will take you to a page at Creative explaining the rights in detail.  This provides a highly versatile method of allowing others to use your work while still keeping control of it in the end.

To help promote the new capability, Koinup’s owner, pier, has opened a new group called Pile-Up, which is aimed specifically at artists sharing their work with others for the purpose of modification and derivation, then republishing it in the same group in the new form.  If you have a Koinup account, consider joining the group and trying your hand.  If you don’t have a Koinup account, perhaps it’s time…. (grin)

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