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Giving Credit Where It Is Due | Its Only Fashion

To credit, or not to credit:  that is the question….  I think you should credit everything that you possibly can.  The only thing I don’t, usually, is the poses, since I don’t normally use only one set of poses in my fashion shoots, and I have no easy way of tracking which ones I do with the HUDs I employ.  I can take, if I’m really driven, perhaps 25-30 shots that I will winnow through for the best 5-6, and so I lose any relation to the pose creators in the process.  I apologize to them here and now, because I know they put in as much hard work as do the clothing or hair or makeup designers to create something special.

But it is a good idea to credit everything you can; and Cajsa Lilliehook offers a suggestion here on how to do it fairly easily:

Giving Credit Where It Is Due | Its Only Fashion

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