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Prism Poncho in Qoheleth Temple

Prism Poncho blog

A quick one today, as I’m juggling eggs.  But you should check out this new poncho outfit from Prism; a delight.  And I’m wearing my first skin from Curio since they re-opened!


Skin:  Curio GP Sundust [Light] Candy-Pure 2
Eyes:  Poet Colors Classic – blue hour (m) bright
Hair:  Truth Portia (latte, w/ roots)
Nails:  Mandala HUD Nails (Medium)
Outfit:  Prism Abbey sweater, poncho, shorts and boots (green/pink)
Makeup:  Amacci – Eye Tattoo Divine – Bronze Lash; .:Glamorize:. Gentle Breeze Makeup – Eyes 1
Jewelry and Accessories:  Dahlinks Stage & Screen Diamond & Gold Stud Earrings; (Elate!) Square Stone Ring – Jade; Inspired Style – Hawk Sunglasses; U&R Dogs Traumerei Ring Gold (left hand)

Photographed in Qoheleth region.


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Reblog: Curio: Party Girl Celebration and Settlement Frustration | Its Only Fashion

Curio: Party Girl Celebration and Settlement Frustration | Its Only FashionThanks to Cajsa Lilliehook.

Being somewhat oblivious to all the details here, aside from knowing somewhat of what was happening, all I can add to this is that Cajsa wrote up a piece that describes quite well how the law works.  Unless you have the gold to finance yourself all the way through a case, sometimes settling is the only thing that can be done.  Even if you come out on the winning side in a case, depending on the circumstances, you can’t expect much reward other than feeling you’ve trounced your opponent.  My RL husband and I received a check recently for a class-action settlement we were apparently parties in due to some purchase or other.  The fund for things like this is usually set up in the millions of dollars.  Our check:  $9.22.

The hell of it is that the law is the only thing besides religion and morals that helps keep society glued together.  It ain’t too satisfyin’, Marshall — but it’s the thing that keeps us from each other’s throats.


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