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Second Life Maximum Daily Concurrency Peaks At 56, 148 During Coronavirus Crisis

It appears people are beginning to remember Second Life … and, hopefully, for better reasons than as a “den of debauchery” — Oh, you mean there are some parts like that …? (Grin)


Daniel Voyager

According to the Second Life Grid Survey the maximum daily concurrency in #SecondLife reached 56, 148 on 22nd March 2020. The median daily concurrency average at the moment is around 42, 000. It’s getting a little higher every week but no huge peaks in the max daily concurrency yet due to the current Coronavirus crisis.

If things get worse in the next few weeks and months then I think the Second Life daily concurrency levels will go up due to the strict lockdowns across the world. If any new huge peak occurs soon then I will blog about it.

Second Life Grid Survey Data

What do you think the concurrency levels will be in the weeks and months ahead ?

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Bay City Tree Lighting 2018

One of many great ways to open the holiday season before Christmas begins on December 25.

Daniel Voyager

Bay City in Second Life will be hosting its 2018 annual tree lighting event between 1- 4pm SLT on Sunday 9th December 2018.

The event will be taking place over at the Bay City Fairgrounds in the North Channel region where there will be live music, ice skating, refreshments and much more. 

I’ve attended this event in previous years and I have to say it’s great fun generally during the Christmas festive season. 

Here is the full press release…

Bay City — Annual Tree Lighting 2018

Sunday, December 9, 2018

1-4 pm SLT

It’s that most wonderful time of the year!

Once again, the Bay City Alliance will host its annual Tree Lighting event, now in its eighth outing, on Sunday, 9th December 2018 from 1-4 pm SLT.

The event will be held at the Bay City Fairgrounds, in North Channel (SLurl) and will feature DJ GoSpeed Racer as well as…

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Challenge: What Did You Look Like When You Were Born?

new default avatars

Source: New Classic Avatars released by Linden Lab, by Daniel Voyager

You have to say, as does Daniel, that these new default avatars look a whole lot classier than what I entered Second Life with in October 2007.  It almost makes me want to start up a new “walking” alt and see what folks have to say.  To demonstrate:

Oh, you want to see more? Turn the page!

YadNi s Junkyard has closed down after 11 years in Second Life

It’s sad to hear this, but nothing lasts forever. Still, I do recall working my way through the Junkyard several times in my early years, until I got my virtual legs under me; freebie stores like YadNi’s are fantastic places for newbies to get themselves established. And and 11-year run is mind-boggling in Second Life.

Daniel Voyager

YadNi s Junkyard 001 January 18, 2011

After 11 years the well known YadNi s Junkyard in Second Life has closed down which is a massive loss and very sad to see this landmark disappear. YadNi s Junkyard started back on 6th April 2004 and it was the first freebies store in Second Life history to launch. YadNi s Junkyard was one of the top favourite places for new residents to get freebies, getting started in Second Life and it was a good places to make new friends.

YadNi Monde posted this message on Google+ on June 23rd 2015.

YadNi s Junkyard has closed today.
After 11 years of helping Thousands new residents with REAL freebies, full perms, for free, and one of the most long lasting money trees, I had to close the place today.
I hope you have good souvenirs of that place.

It’s going to be hard to imagine what the grid…

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REBLOG — Second Life on the Map of the Internet

Daniel Voyager has stumbled onto something amazing here. The original makers state in the notes (look at the bottom of the map around the center area) that this is nowhere near comprehensive, and is in fact only Version 1.0. You can purchase an unwatermarked copy on Amazon, also according to those notes. For now, though, as Daniel saw, Second Life does have a position on this map; if you prefer coordinates, go to 85° N, 45° W (just east of the Hashtag Peninsula, part of the country of Facebook). WordPress, for all of us users, is at 35° N, 95° E, between Amazon and AOL.

Daniel Voyager

A very interesting map was released recently showing the major sites of web and apparently Second Life is located on the huge map. Second Life is shown at the top of the map under where it says interface. Nearby Rosedale, Humble and Resident Island shown in yellow/orange. Yay.

This has to be one of the best maps of the internet I’ve ever seen and its very cool that the map is divided into continents. I would love to see someone make a metaverse map including SL, Opensim and virtual worlds.

What will you discover ?

“The map is divided into two main parts; software companies, gaming companies and some of the real-world oriented websites are located on the right part of the map, or ‘the old world,'” Vargic told HuffPost in an email. “The websites and majority of Internet itself is located on two eastern continents, the upper one showing…

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SL Oculus Rift viewer coming soon

How many years left until holodecks become real (grin)?

Daniel Voyager

It’s possible that before the end of 2013 Linden Lab may release a Oculus Rift viewer for Second Life if everything goes to plan otherwise don’t expect anything until January/February 2014. Apparently the Oculus Rift consumer version won’t be released until late 2014. Expect the official announcement and timeline soon.

Voidpointer Linden mentioned Oculus Rift in a recent Beta Server Office Hour.

  • VoidPointer Linden: Adding support for Oculus Rift is feature-complete and should be released “soon”.
  • VoidPointer Linden: More information will be in an upcoming announcement, and I can’t give an exact timeline, but it’s close

Recently there has been news that Linden Lab have finished making the Oculus Rift viewer which is fantastic news. I’m sure there will be huge interest on the grid when it finally launches and many will try this out for sure. It’s the next big thing for Second Life!

More updates soon. Stay tuned!

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Burning Man BURN2 countdown 2012

Burning Man BURN2 countdown 2012, originally uploaded by Daniel Voyager.

I’ve been out of world for a few days, and out of touch with the greater amount of SL activities — we’re ramping up everything, including (hopefully) the children’s enthusiasm for school beginning tomorrow — so I missed Daniel Voyager’s pictures showing a countdown clock and kiosks for this year’s BURN2. Click on through for more — or check Daniel’s blog!

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NWN: Linden Lab’s Concurrency Map to Be Made Available to Residents in Future

Mercy, today seems to be a big day for news.  New World Notes reports that the lovely animated globe map Hamlet Au saw while visiting Linden Lab’s offices back in June, a map that reports concurrency of users, is being worked on for availability to Residents.  Rod Humble mentioned this to Daniel Voyager, according to Ham’s article.

Speculation on my part:  I wonder if this will replace the concurrency statistics that were originally on the viewer’s splash page, before the current change made to it in the most recent update, but are no longer there?

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