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Just the Essentials

(Sigh)  Now where’s the blasted bellhop?  Surely he knows I’ve gotta get to my room and change.  Why, I’ve worn this dress for four whole hours already!”

I hope you’re having a good vacation.  We’re all enjoying some time away while we recharge, but I did find this new dress from Azul, and so ….


The details:

  • Head: Akeruka Deluxe Rachel
  • Body and feet: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Hands: Vista ProHands
  • Eyes: IKON Hope eyes (Sapphire)
  • Hair: eXxEsS Katiusha
  • Dress and choker: AZUL Lisa (Sapphire)
  • Hat by Kelini Couture (vintage)
  • Purse: MULIER x 1992 Prouler clutch (Noir Croc)
  • Shoes: Hysterical Heaven heels

Makeup unknown (no notes)

Photographed in Hau Koda region

Sweater Weather

The weather's getting colder all the time now, and we start breaking out our woolens even in the virtual world of Second Life. This black cardigan with white linen blouse, from INDI, is particularly nice for the late fall and maybe even early winter.

I was chilly with the November breeze,
and it was a courtly thing you did
draping the sweater over my shoulders,
taking care to smooth the wool
with a touch that whispered
that later you would claim the garment,
and the shiver taking it would bring
was something you coveted
with breathless avarice.

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New Photo Groups for Classy & Casual SL Fashion

Of course, we all know what Second Life is really for….

…The fashion, dahlings!

But, contrary to appearances, especially on this blog, it’s not all about big ball gowns or outlandish costumes.  One of the most successful newcomers to Grid couture in the past six months has been, a house that specializes in J. Crew-style casuals and hairstyles.  (My normal day-to-day hairstyle is currently’s Leigh.)  Other houses are either exclusively casual, or have daywear lines as part of their overall sales strategy and design aesthetic.

To help show off some of the things available, I’ve founded groups at Flickr and Koinup specializing in casual styles.  I’ve already hunted out some excellent items, as well as adding my own pieces; it’s fantastic what can be done, not only with ensembles sold by the stores, but in the mix-and-match department as well.  Why not stop on by and take a look?  Or, if you’re an account holder on either service, add your own shots.  Please be sure to read the group rules before posting.

Classy Daywear from Serene Sensations

I discovered Serene Sensations recently, and I’ve been wearing this for several days now.  Details after the break below:

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A Sample from Paper Couture Spring 2008 Collection

Aleida at the Ewing Fashion Agency blog has sampled the spring 2008 catalogue from Paper Couture, and written about it here:

Paper Couture – Spring 2008 « Ewing Fashion Agency

The two ensembles she illustrates are definitely to die for — especially that picture hat! It’s a pity I don’t go anyplace where such a hat would be in good taste to wear; but it’s still tempting to go get it.

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