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Desmond Shang Comments on Land Loss in SL

In case you haven’t read this already, click through to New World Notes and read this comment by Desmond Shang, the “Guvnah” of Caledon, on why the loss of regions in Second Life may be a good thing for the Grid, instead of a tale of woe, doom ‘n gloom.  I’ve wondered myself if SL has grown too much over the years, as I see the Map expand with more and more isolated islands that don’t link together except at the corners — where you can’t cross over from one island to the next by just walking or flying in.  According to Hizzoner, a drop in land expansion might be a good thing in the long run.

(Personal thought:  if it brings people back to the Mainlands, along with a general cleaning of house there in many of the junkier sims as a form of “urban renewal,” it might be more than just a Good Thing.)

By the Pleasure and Grace of Her Ladyship….

Writing from Destin, Fla.:

Since I’m on vacation, and away from my regular ol’ standby, the Black Tower of Birmingham, I haven’t been able to go around Second Life and do my usual photography or scrounging for subjects.  So I’m catching up a little on the blogs in my blogroll.  (A very long blogroll, it should be noted, and one that I’m starting to winnow as time permits.)

I would recommend to your perusal and delight today the writings and poetical musings of Her Grace Eva Bellambi, Chief of the Clan Bellambi and Lady of that Name, sometime Duchess of Loch Avie, etc. etc., and longtime Resident of Caledon.  She currently resides in Winterfell Anodyne, where she continues to distill fine virtual whiskies and fulfill her duties to her clan and Guvnah Shang.  At the same time, she has a turn for the poetic and beautiful, touched at times by Wiccan influences that show her delight in the Goddess-aspect of the world.  You can find out more about Her Grace’s travels at The Realm of the Red Rose, her own blog.  Two old articles I’d recommend right now cover her discovery of Seraph City region, and a celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, a date to remember for all women who are involved in the sciences and technology.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll adjourn to the breakfast room downstairs for a glass of orange juice, and perhaps a toasted bagel.

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