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August Night

She had forgotten how the August night
Was level as a lake beneath the moon,
In which she swam a little, losing sight
Of shore; and how the boy, who was at noon
Simple enough, not different from the rest,
Wore now a pleasant mystery as he went,
Which seemed to her an honest enough test
Whether she loved him, and she was content.

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To a Friend Estranged from Me

Topazia 1

Now goes under, and I watch it go under, the sun
That will not rise again.
Today has seen the setting, in your eyes cold and senseless as the sea,
Of friendship better than bread, and of bright charity
That lifts a man a little above the beasts that run.

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Mod, Mod Edie

Edie Sedgwick has been called in the years since her short life the “girl on fire.”  In 28 short years, she seemed to epitomize the poem “First Fig” by Edna St. Vincent Millay:

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!

Born to a family of both wealth and a history of mental illness, Edie is probably best known for two things:  her time spent as part of Andy Warhol’s Factory group, and her boundary-breaking personal style in fashion.  She would spray-paint her brown hair silver (as well as dye it blonde, from what I can tell), and adopted a look of black leotards and minidresses, with massive chandelier earrings and heavy eye makeup.  She seemed the center of attention wherever she went — but this came at a cost.  Edie became addicted to drugs and alcohol; her behavior became erratic.  She tried to dry out in the last year of her life, but relapsed after being given pain medication for an injury, and died of an apparent overdose of barbiturates and alcohol in 1971.

40 years after her death, Ingenue released this dress, called Sedgwick, in three colors.  I picked it up at the Vintage Fair this past week.  You can see how well it epitomizes the mod look of the mid-Sixties that Edie helped make popular in film and fashion spread.  I paired it with the tights in the package and Ingenue’s Bridget flats in the same color.  For the jewelry, I’m using a recent set of earrings I found at WTG called Myth.  While not quite the same as what Edie wore, it channels the feel in its length and showiness.  So, I think, does the silver and onyx ring from DDL that I’ve been wearing so much lately; it’s chunky and makes a statement, but doesn’t detract from the girl underneath.

The only thing I added here were the tattoo eyelashes from Amacci, and another set of primmies from Adam n Eve.  Edie loved false eyelashes from the pictures I’ve seen, and the heavy eye makeup on the PXL skin by Hart Larsson works perfectly to complete the look.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy sunkissed, light eyebrows
  • Hair:  W&Y Model Hair 25 (scripted, all colors)
  • Dress, tights:  Ingenue Edie (grape)
  • Shoes:  Ingenue Bridget flats (grape)
  • Jewelry:  WTG Myth earrings; DDL black onyx/silver ring by Melina Anatine; EarthStones Karrin bracelet (chrysocolla in silver)
  • Makeup:  Amacci tattoo eyelashes; Adam n Eve Glamour Prim Lashes (long)

Photographs taken at my Secret (Public) Photo Studio, upstairs floor

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