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My Logic is Cold in Idaho

coldlogic at the University of Idaho 1

Most newcomers probably don’t know about the grand days when a lot of colleges were experimenting with Second Life as a teaching tool for various subjects (mostly computer oriented), and even as the first steps in a virtual form of distributed education.  After all, if you could get the classroom out to the students instead of the students coming to the classroom, so to speak, the options for teaching your subject could grow exponentially.1

Most of the colleges have left, sadly, except for perhaps an occasional computer-science class taught by a rebel, unreconstructed professor or two.  A few remain, though, such as the University of Western Australia, and, here in the United States, the University of Idaho.  Idaho’s campus actually covers five regions, and was designed with some care for looks in many areas.  Where I am here is near the center point of the complex, and I’m wearing a goodie that just came out from neve, the new label offered by coldlogic.  It’s perhaps not the perfect top to wear as the days go cold — which they’re doing with a vengeance here in RL Alabama right now —

Tingling with antici…pation? Turn the page.

Academic Survey for Second Lifers: New World Notes

New World Notes logo

From New World Notes comes an invitation to participate in an academic survey — which we’ve seen a fair few of lately, including one on purchasing habits and reasons inside the virtual economy.  This survey deals with a variation on that old question that has plagued many a psyche, not to mention a conscience, since we started going through Second Life:  Am I really interacting with a man or a woman on the other end here?

New World Notes: Virtual World User or Gamer? Please Take This 5 Minute Survey for an Academic Study on Male & Female Avatars

Read Ham’s article carefully.  There are two separate links, for those who are men in real life, and for those who are women.  Click the appropriate link to continue.  The survey itself will ask you if you prefer to use a male or female avatar in world.  (No personal information is gathered, such as name or E-mail address.)  The questions look a little peculiar, and seem to be focused on avatars who participate in sword-and-sorcery RPG areas.  (I wonder if it was originally meant for World of Warcraft players?)  Beyond that bubble, it looks quite straightforward.  Hamlet has promised a writeup when the results are released.

Designing Worlds discusses the closure of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum (via Prim Perfect)

If you’re interested in the recent closure of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, you might want to show up at this event. Read through to Prim Perfect‘s full article to learn more.

UPDATE, December 7, 9:00 a.m: The discussion is now up on Treet TV (57 minutes).


Designing Worlds discusses the closure of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum Join us in our Northpoint studio at 2pm SLT today, Monday 6th December as we host a discussion show on the recent events leading to the closure of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum. The announcement of the closure of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum (discussed here on the Prim Perfect blog) caused dismay across … Read More

via Prim Perfect


UTexas System Prepares to Experiment with SL

Just released on the Big Blog:  the University of Texas system — 16 campuses worth of universities — plans to start experimenting with Second Life.  It doesn’t look like they’ve built anything yet, but college campuses in world are often interesting.  And, from a more practical view, this shows that SL is far from dead, far from being a non-practical venue for serious work.  Universities and libraries seem to flock to the Grid, even while the naysayers make more announcements of the Imminent Death of the Grid Expected.

Bravo to UTexas, and welcome in world when you arrive!

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Torley Speaks!

Torley Linden, that is.  The Master of Watermelons and the creator of the SL catchphrase “Friendly greetings!” has a new entry on the Big Blog (the Official Linden Blog, that is), with the door wide open to questions relating to tutorial and resident learning.  Don’t bother asking him about when this or that element of the viewer will be fixed; he’s not here to answer those.  And that’s assuming you can get a question in, for the comments were at 138 when I looked at the page, and the Big Blog caps comments at 150.  However, you may find the answer to that little jewel of a question that has been nagging you about how to accomplish something.

Thanks to Ari Blackthorne.

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Art Student Needs Help with Thesis

If anyone can help out, please click through to Gracie Kendal’s Weblog, and leave a contribution in her comments.  The entire entry is as follows:

Wanted to run something by you and see if I can get some helpful advice. I am going to be writing my Masters Thesis in Art History, on Art in Second Life. I would love some feedback. Here is a brief explanation of what I am thinking….

This study examines the global online art community of Second Life and discusses the diverse artists and artwork as a motivating force in today’s postmodern art world. This art community shares many similar traits with 1920’s behemian (sic) Paris, where artists converged in collaborative art scene….
Whether Second Life thrives and evolves or has a virtual death, the here and now of these artists is real. They strive to create, to collaborate, to experience, and explore. As Artists have done for centuries, they continue to use the tools that are available, technology that pushed boundaries.

If there is more to offer, please let her know…on her blog, please (though I’ll pass on anything that pops up here).  Thanks much!

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