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Denim To the People!

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.” — Giorgio Armani

COCO Uber 1

I think I’d stretch that quote to denim overall.  (“No, not overalls, ya nimrod; go get your ears flushed.”)

Let’s get back on topic here; turn the page….

From Hair Fair 2015 — sYs Micha

sYs Micha hair 1j

Hair Fair is among us again, and the crowds should have eased a little by now. I, however, was one of the foolish, uh, brave ones who plunged into the thick of things on the first night and worked my way, walk or cam, through all four sims. I came up with several items, among which is what I have on my head now, from sYs.

…When at dawn she sighs, and like an infant to the window
Turns grave eyes craving light, released from dreams,
Beautiful she looks, like a white water-lily
Bursting out of bud in havens of the streams.
When from bed she rises clothed from neck to ankle
In her long nightgown sweet as boughs of May,
Beautiful she looks, like a tall garden lily
Pure from the night, and splendid for the day….

sYs Micha hair 2j

If I’m going to be wearing fresh hair, I might as well be wearing fresh clothes, and so I dropped into Junbug. Their region has a large pond in the middle with a board walkway circling it. There is a great supply of water lilies and waterweed there, which gave me the idea to look up a poem involving lilies.

…When her mother tends her before the laughing mirror,
Tying up her laces, looping up her hair,
Often she thinks, were this wild thing wedded,
More love should I have, and much less care.
When her mother tends her before the lighted mirror,
Loosening her laces, combing down her curls,
Often she thinks, were this wild thing wedded,
I should miss but one for many boys and girls….

sYs Micha hair 3j

A concern: I wish I could remove the pin in the wig which you see here, at least at times. A minor objection, but I hope Systi will consider making this “disappearable” in future.

…Cool was the woodside; cool as her white dairy
Keeping sweet the cream-pan; and there the boys from school,
Cricketing below, rushed brown and red with sunshine;
O the dark translucence of the deep-eyed cool!
Spying from the farm, herself she fetched a pitcher
Full of milk, and tilted for each in turn the beak.
Then a little fellow, mouth up and on tiptoe,
Said, “I will kiss you”: she laughed and leaned her cheek….

Excerpts from “Love in the Valley,” by George Meredith (taken out of order)


The details:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Hair: sYs Micha (currently available at Hair Fair 2015)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (brightblue)
  • Nails: ZOZ Summer 2015 French Polish (currently available at Fashiontropic)
  • Attachments: SLink hands (Casual) and feet (High)
  • Gown: Junbug Tomoe-San (Earth)
  • Shoes: R.icielli Thayla High Heels (Fuschia)
  • Jewelry: Dahlinks Stage and Screen diamond and gold stud earrings; Maxi Gossamer Valentina cross necklace (short size)
  • Makeup: Buzzeri Gem Lips (Tigers Eye); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed Silver); SlackGirl 90s – 2 (shade 1)

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Searching for Summerfest

Searching for Summerfest

Actually, you don’t need to search that hard; Summerfest 2015 is easy to find.  Just teleport there. And you can do a few more things than just shop your brains out; take a float on the rafts in the sea, or a swim in the pool I found there.  I think I saw something about music at some point, so check any listings that may be available.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

But please do remember the clothing regulations….

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12 Years and Still Rezzin’

Machinima by Inara Pey

SL12B begins tomorrow, June 21 at noon SLT.  You have a week to check out this year’s community fair, and I hope to see you there!

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SL Sartorialist — Caly Applewhyte

Caly Applewhyte

Photographed at The Arcade.  Caly is wearing:

  • V. e. Empress embellished dress
  • Zibska Fiachra headdress and pauldrons
  • Zibska Achillea gladiator heels

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An Exotic Lady of Eastern Leisure

Lady of Leisure 1

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy….

Turn the page to get all the details….

Come Celebrate Berlin’s 6th Anniversary

Just a part of the city; you'll want to explore!

Just a part of the city; you’ll want to explore!

The 1920s Berlin Project, that is.  “Frau” Jo Yardley founded the Project back in 2009, and it’s done little but get bigger and better and richer ever since.  They even hold a riot once a year — a re-enactment of the May 1929 political riot that pretty much closed the streets of RL Berlin for three days.  Weekly tea dances and tango sessions, and even a very infamous cabaret offer entertainment, and classes are held on various topics at various times.

Jo and the “permanent” Residents of the Project are planning six days of celebration, and the public is invited.  You can find out the schedule, and get a SLurl, at Jo’s blog.  If you have not been there before, please note that this region operates under a set dress code:  1920s dress for both men and women, no Nazi uniforms or insignia allowed, and they do encourage a more realistically-sized avatar.  (I’d suggest you grab a free copy of the Realistically Proportioned Avatar near the entrance to the Project.)  Take the train to the Alexanderplatz Bahnhof, and after that join in the celebrations, or walk about and discover things at your leisure.  You may be interested in the afternoon coffee hour at Der Keller, which is a little hidey-hole of a bar and biergarten down in the “bad side of town.”  (It’s hard to find, so follow these directions:  from the Unter den Linden, facing the Brandenburg Gate, turn right onto the street running beside the Babylon Cinema and the Automaten.  Follow this until you get to the bakery, then go down the short alley to its left, and down the ramp to the next street.  Walk under the wooden frame; look right and down and you’ll find the door to Der Keller Tanzlokal.  The coffee hour, with streamed period music, starts around 2:00 SLT.)


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Celestial Couture

Junbug Interstella gown 1

Find out about this gown and a pantsuit on the next page….

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A Last Bit of Sunshine

erratic trisha 1

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” — Henry David Thoreau

The merchants at the monthly Uber event are giving us a last splash of summer before we settle into coats and sweaters for the winter.  The cold season comes fast and hard in Second Life — one day your sim may be sunshiny and all flowers; the next, you’re blanketed in white.  Why not find somewhere to take in a little last-minute color to tide you over until spring returns?

Want more sunshine before the snow flies? Turn the page.

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“Come In!!!”

Around the Campfire

Nothing like sitting around a campfire as the days begin to get cooler, trending down into fall.  And what’s a fall campfire without ghost stories, or tales of derring-do and adventure?

If you’re interested, I’ll let you experience that on my dime, so to speak.  I keep several channels available to me for streaming on my homestead, via a sim radio.  One of them is MPIR Old-Time Radio, a streaming service focused on classic radio, offered by Clyde Kell for contributions (hey, someone’s gotta pay for his bandwidth).  Clyde actually offers several channels, but this one focuses on mystery, adventure, suspense and horror.  You’ll hear everything from The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen (playing right now as I’m sitting here), to The Shadow, to Suspense (with various players doing the Man in Black) to episodes of Inner Sanctum Mysteries and its classic revival show from the Seventies, the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.  He even plays lesser-known pieces like The Clock and the CBC’s Theatre 10:30.  And if you want real creeps, enough to make you start chewing your fingernails like a typewriter, there’s Lights Out, renowned for the intensity of its plays and the realism of its sound effects.  (Ever wondered what it sounds like to walk across a cavern floor covered with nice, fat, juicy spiders, hmmm…?  Makes you want to reach for a bottle of Ironized Yeast — or maybe Sal Hepatica, for the Smile of Health.)

But how can you do it without a link to Clyde’s site, or his app on your phone?  Simple; drop by my homestead.  Through at least Hallowe’en, I’m opening the doors to my land to visitors.  The SLurl will drop you by my campfire and gazebo, and then all you need to do is turn on your sound and sit down, and maybe discuss it with anyone else that’s there.  All I ask is that you clean up behind yourself when you leave, throw your trash into the campfire.  I can’t say when any particular show will be on, and there may be occasional repeats, but over the course of things it works.

If you like it, drop me a line; I’ll be glad to know about it!

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