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Shadow Dancing

After doing the photo set for the Black Ice pictures, I needed to go back in and check on the WindLight setting I’d used, so I could credit it properly. Fortunately, since I have some hundred or more WindLight settings, I found the right one quickly (Torley Linden’s “BIGSUN: Awwyeah” [grin]). But in the process, I had to do some hopping around to compare lighting and sun size, so as to make sure I did have the right thing. I ended up on the roof of my house, which has several trees around it, especially now with the winter decorations.  I happened to position myself in an excellent spot to experiment with poses and expressions, and with shadows turned on (as in the original photos). The feathery cape from the RFyre outfit I was wearing added another layer of light interaction, and I reeled off several photos.

I would have been willing to do many more; but turning on shadows makes my computer run like a stoned sloth — it creeps. Some good shots were lost because I’d click the shutter button, but it would take several frames of refresh before the screen was copied. Other problems were less mechanical in nature and more a function of what I had available to work with in expressions and software to model myself. Still, I picked up some interesting bits here, and may have learned a little as a result.

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(If you wish to see larger versions, you can go to my photo stream at Flickr, or you can right-click and select “View image” [or equivalent].)

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