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Lunchtime at FFL Tokyo

Lunchtime at FFL Tokyo

There’s even rice balls; very nice!

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Some Shots from Fashion For Life

A few snapshots from the prettier areas of this year’s Fashion For Life.  The entire build, all 11 sims, is excellent; but these are my favorites.

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Fashion for Life — American Cancer Society Region

Fashion for Life 2014 is open, with 10 sims to explore and shop in — but there’s an eleventh that may not be as visited as the others.  Most of the FFL events have a sim laid aside for the recipients of the monies raised during the largest charity event in Second Life, the American Cancer Society.  ACS’ people build exhibits and information sources, and other venues within their region to more fully speak about what all the fun and fashion is for during this period.  Following are pictures from this year’s ACS region, which I suggest you visit as well as the other 10.

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Fashion For Life Classic Builds — The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

I seem to have finally found this year’s cold, and I’m running on the bad side of the progress curve right now.  After I put these photos up, I’m off to make myself a nice, strong toddy, hoping that will open me up some.  I managed to make it through Fashion For Life, though, before I was really slammed, and I have to say that several of the classical builds impressed me greatly.  To wit, here’s some shots that I’ve uploaded to Flickr (I’m not up to uploading them again right now to WordPress), showing off parts of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus:

More photos this way….

Over L$5.25 Million Given in Fashion for Life

L$5,341,847, to be exact.  Want to see how Harper Beresford, one of the organizers of FFL, took it?  Read here!

Some Suggestions from Fashion for Life Bloggers

Writing from Kissimmee, Florida.

Fashion for Life has been spectacularly successful so far this year.  The report from the sidebar counter at the event blog is at least L$4.3 million — that’s better than USD $16,000 contributed, with better than four days left in the event.  Not bad, people!

If you’re looking for some ideas, let me throw these at you.  The links go to six articles at three of the best fashion blogs out there:  Michelle Hyacinth’s Weblog, Cajsa Lilliehook’s It’s Only Fashion and Harper Beresford’s A Passion for Virtual Fashion.


Fashion For Life 2012 — “It’s Time….”

It’s time again for one of the top charity events in Second Life.

Fashion for Life is the longest running and most successful fashion fair in Second Life and marks the annual start of the official Relay for Life events that take place in world each year.  All donations are given directly to the Relay for Life general fund, which benefits the American Cancer Society and its thousands of beneficiaries who rely on the charity for support and advice.

Fashion for Life is a hundred percent not for profit, and all organisation, building work and coordination are driven by the work of its volunteers which helps to maximise donated money.

So what’s New for 2012?

This year, Fashion for Life spans an incredible ten lag free sims, with over 200 stores selling the latest fashions, accessories, hair and unique designer items made especially for this event. There will also be gacha areas, a hunt, a raffle and a SALE — all with the end goal of raising funds for the American Cancer Society via Second Life.

The sims will be laid out in a cross formation and will represent the theme “Its Time…” with builds representing stages in time:  past, present, future and timeless. All building and landscaping have been created by some of SL’s top designers and builders to produce a beautiful environment for your charity shopping sprees!

Alongside the fabulous fashion, there will be a sim dedicated to providing a minimum of 12 hours entertainment and activities every day, so you can socialise, have fun, and meet new people too.

Our sims have been kindly sponsored by Dream Seeker Estate Corporation, which has drastically reduced administration expenses, helping to free up even more money for Relay for Life.

Harper Beresford, Fashion for Life lead executive says, “Fashion for Life is not just about fashion and it’s not just about fund raising — it’s about supporting the members of our community in Second Life who have been touched by cancer.”  Cancer touches everyone. We sincerely hope you join us in this kick-off event for Relay for Life in Second Life, helping raise money for the American Cancer Society.


Our sim builders include the talents of:
Cory Edo
DB Bailey
Grace Loudon
Anoron Hanson
Frederick Lancaster
Cierra Anatine
Nigel Riel
Rathmeous Dagger
Roscko Cobalt
Troy Vogel


Sim Sponsors include:

  • Dream Seeker Estate Corporation
  • Bliss Couture
  • Tres Beau
  • Lapointe & BastChild Designs
  • Indyra Originals
  • AlaFolie
  • Sonatta Morales Weird Couture
  • PurpleMoon Creations
  • Angelwing Fantasy Clothier
  • LeeZu!
  • AZUL by Mami Jewell
  • FallnAngel Creations
  • EMO-tions

Download a text file with a full list of stores, landmarks and sponsors.  More information may be found at the organization blog.

Harper Does Fashion for Life in One Night

And that was hard work, friend.  Nine sims worth of stores!  I was pooped by the time I got back to the penthouse, and I almost immediately changed and went to bed.  But I managed to get a look before everything closes, and bought enough to make my inventory start groaning again.  (I really need to throw out all the older dresses, I guess; it’s ridiculous to hang on to stuff ad infinitum when you keep buying.)

Any road, I’ll be writing in a day or two (by the plan at least) on two purchases I made today:  one at the fair, and another elsewhere as I was exploring.  Both are fabulous; one has the added attraction of getting money in the hands of the American Cancer Society.

Good night to all for now — or good morning, if you read this in a few hours.  I’ll be hard at work by then in RL. (grin)

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