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Ice Princess

The cold spell that ripped through my region of RL last week reminded me of things named Ice Princess that have been sitting in my Inventory for a while, and are no longer available for sale…because the stores are gone.  (Since these are impossible to obtain anymore, I’ll pass on giving my usual details list at the bottom.)

This dress, from Fornever, could be worn by itself, without the headdress, but I decided to go for it…and to add to it.  I had to adjust the skirt, and I’m not sure I got it completely “there,” but the ice blue color and the diamanté trim on the bodice above the bust give the look I’m seeking, of ice glittering on an arctic sea.

The hair is by Sinsation, and (sadly) is also no longer available.  The Japanese headdress belongs actually to the dress, but the stars are part of the hairstyle; I edited them to turn on light radiation (and promptly screwed up my studio lighting with the extra light sources).  Topping it is this luscious skin from Redgrave with the ice-blue makeup!

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