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Gidge Uriza as Dolly Levi

Regular readers will know of my close friendship with Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza, the co-authors of the SL fashion blog It’s Only Fashion.  I check their articles frequently for information on interesting new clothes and designers, and it’s often wonderful what I find.

A few days ago, Cajsa and Gidge came up with the concept of “Queen of Hearts.”  They did two pieces on it; in the first, Gidge is playing an Aztec “queen of hearts,” and Cajsa is on the sacrificial stone.  But the second is a bit more traditional, with Gidge playing in a modern take on Dolly Levi, the matchmaker and eponymous character of Hello Dolly! A small taste from this:

(C) 2009 by Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook

(C) 2009 by Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook

The full sequence is fantastic!  Click through and take a look.

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Gidge Uriza is Undead!

Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion has a definite style to her writing, and a playful inventiveness at times.  For instance, she recently has become one of the Walking Dead.  No, she wasn’t nailed by someone for Bloodlines; rather, she got ahold of some fangs, as well as a set of holes in her neck.

But did she just walk around in a cape and tuxedo, saying things like, “I vant to drink your blood!”?  Not our Gidge.  Rather, she turned into a vampiric June Cleaver.  Read and attend….

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Not an SL Furry, Not a Mermaid, But a Selkie

Some readers here may know that my good friend Cajsa Lilliehook, one of the partners of It’s Only Fashion and a partner in MDR Photography in world, decided to retire for a time from the firm for personal reasons in Real Life.  (For a look at what she and Gidge Uriza wore to her retirement party, see here and here.)

But Cajsa has not left SL; she still writes IOF with Gidge, and has opened a “blog office” in a small plot of land she owns.  She dropped a landmark to it on me today; and so, after finishing putting up some new Edward Steichen photographs in my store, I jumped over to take a look.

Quick background:  most of us have run into furries, of course, even without dropping in at Luskwood region.  Quite a number of us know or have been mer-people.  But how many of you know what a selkie is?  If you don’t, you can get a detailed discussion at Wikipedia; but in short, a selkie is a creature that is a seal in the sea, but a hominid on dry land.  The Celtic and Faeroese stories about the sluagh ron are often sad and tragic, as can be seen by a perusal of the article.  How good it is to know that in Second Life, selkies can live in harmony with humans, upright foxes, Powerpuff Girls et al.

Divergence Magic

The lady in question is Divergence Magic, and she turns out to be a neighbor to Cajsa here.  The shelf next door to Cajsa’s poseballs is her office or living room, I didn’t note which at the time.  What you should note is that, though her legs do somewhat resemble a mermaid’s, there are not the fish fins of the merfolk, but more like the hind flippers of the phocid.  Additionally, her facial markings are more like a seal than a human:


Selkies, according to Divergence, are rare in Second Life.  Foolishly, I didn’t ask her where she picked up the creature package; I’ll remedy that in future if possible, and place an update here for any who may be interested.

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The Power of the Press

…when you’re picked up by someone with more readers, that is (grin).

Remember my little piece two articles ago (and yesterday) on “Looking Good with Low ARC”?  Well, Hamlet Au picked it up and linked to it when he ran a shortie in New World Notes.  The results:  my traffic for today has shot through the roof, and has set my current all-time record.  As the day doesn’t “close” on the counter until 5:00 p.m. SLT, I may yet break 200+ for the day.  I only wish that Cajsa and Gidge, who wrote the article that inspired me, were getting traffic as well, but it doesn’t look like it according to’s counter.  So stop by and take a read of the original article!

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Looking Good with Low ARC

Before the addition of the ARC meter to the Advanced menu of the Linden SL client [1], organizers at high-attendance events like fashion shows and similar shouted for you to leave off the prim skirts, remove the facelights and AOs and other scripted items, and generally strip down to almost the bare avatar.  This was to reduce the ever-despised lag, that beast that lurks in every region where the population exceeds 15 or 20, and reduces your movements to swimming in set treacle fudge.

Now we have the meter, and we can see exactly how much we’re straining the system server.  Or do we?  That’s a topic of hot debate, with one side insisting that high ARC affects everyone around you in the sim, while the other insists just as firmly that ARC is more a measure of what your own computer’s graphics card can handle, and that it’s really more of what the True Hackers of the Golden Age once called a “social-science number,” an artificial number with no true meaning.

My thinking is that it does have some weight and meaning.  Let’s go back to the original article on the introduction of ARC in the Big Blog — after the break.

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I’m In With the In Crowd

Well, so to speak….

The other night, I was prepping to do some shopping when good friend Gidge Uriza invited me to help out with a photo shoot she and Cajsa Lilliehook (another good friend) were doing for their joint blog, It’s Only Fashion.  Get a chance to be a fashion model?  Do I want to join them?  Does a lion live on the savanna?

Three minutes later, after a change of clothes at the store they were featuring, and a change of hair, I was posing alongside these two fashion powerhouses.  You can see Gidge’s writeup of the session and several photos at their blog — along with some witty comments.  The entire shoot is available at Gidge’s Flickr stream.

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Fashionable Friends

I’m at loose ends for a topic for myself, and I was going through my tag-surfing routine as usual, when I came across a pair of articles from It’s Only Fashion, a blog co-written by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photography and Gidge Uriza of Don’t Ask. These two have superb taste for outfits and mix-n-match, and I’d recommend their blog to anyone who is looking for good fashion suggestions, or who just enjoys reading about fashion and admiring pictures.

This time around, the pair came up with some real winners. In Gidge’s case, it was a definite winner: she got the messenger bag in her outfit from a lucky chair at Sn@tch! The pantsuit comes from a name I’m just learning about, Kunglers, which looks to be an up and coming source for great clothes; I just stumbled onto their company blog the other day.

Cajsa, on the other hand, in a sense went retro with a vengeance. Indeed, the first picture in her article made me start pinching myself to see if I was having a flashback (I’m old enough!). All she needs are the granny glasses or Ben Franklins, and she could pass for a Seventies hippie mom — aside from those J’s wedgies on her feet. (A true hippie wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than Earth Shoes or Birkies.) The peasant-style skirt goes with a layered top, the vest being possibly suede; wooden jewels and a chain belt complete the bohemian look.

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Items of Note

Gidge Uriza, who used to manage the Vicious Studios businesses such as the Hypnoz club and the Vicious Studios blog, has been exploring other pursuits lately. She models and writes for photographer Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio at It’s Only Fashion, an excellent SL fashion blog, and she’s doing quite a good job at it.  For instance, homage á the Indy 500 this weekend, Gidge has done a piece called “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines,” in which she describes and models a nice dress from ELATE.  Check out her pieces on the blog, as well as her modeling in her Flickr photostream!


AM Radio’s done it again!  The master artist of the Far Away build has put together another art experience, called The Quiet.  Check this article and picture by Morris Vig of Second Arts, and then head off (in small groups!) to see it for yourself!

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