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Spreding My Wings Like a Swan

An experiment: click on the pictures for larger versions

I was exploring a sale a few weeks back — I think it was something like 55-linden Tuesday, or some such stuff — and one of the stores did not have laid out what I was looking for, at least that I could find.  But they did have something else, and that made all the difference.  Combining that with some other goodies, including a super-luxe buy from one of the most fabulous jewelry stores on the Grid, made the difference in this.

The gown is Harlow, from RBZ Design, and this is what I purchased when I could not find what was supposed to be out.  I’m not angry; this was so pretty that I bought both this dress and another in green, for when I’m in my red hair.  I normally don’t go for such a plunging bust line on a strapless dress — I keep thinking the bodice stays up by surface tension and nothing else.  I’ve gotten used to it, though, from so many of my old vintage Last Call dresses that I’ve become comfortable with such a revealing look, I guess; I rather enjoy this one.  And the silvery decoration running around the confection adds a beautiful touch, as does the bow in back, pinned up by a diamond brooch.

The aim here was for femme de luxe, and so I went all out on the jewelry.  You can see just part of it here, but I have a fair collection on, which is the advantage of the Add feature on many of the 2.x clients.  Wear your first piece, then Add the next pieces until you get what you want (within the maximum limits).  Here, I have one ring on the right hand (from Muse, sadly no longer open) and two on the left, as well as a bracelet on each, and a long trailing string of black pearls around my throat.  And diamond earrings, of course:  these from U & R Dogs.  On my feet are a delicious pair of slingbacks from N-core.  (Why can one never remember to take a picture of the shoes unless you’re doing a shoe article [sigh]?)

The big diamond splasher is vintage Paper Couture; while the black flower with a black gem in the heart is a recent creation in the Bouhachi line from Rozoregalia.

But the topper, literally, is this.  I was shopping at Finesmith Designs later during the sale.  After picking up their sale item, I browsed, and waffled, and then said what the hell, and took the plunge to buy this beautiful headdress, called simply Swan.  It’s hard to keep from thinking about the film Black Swan on seeing this, but I assure you I suffered no hallucinations — just raptures of delight.  The headdress is a hat, so I paired it with a black bob from MADesigns, and black lipstick and eyeshadow, and voila.

The one place I might have went overboard is with the additional Capucine eye “tattoos” from White~Widow; but I liked the silvery dots below my eyes for effect, and so kept this on.  Aside from this, a lovely confection to fly away into the night in, along with the prince of your dreams….


The details:


Brunch in Manhattan with Paper Couture

Hundreds of lady-avatars across Second Life wait with baited breath whenever the word gets out that Paper Couture is about to release a new collection.  Ava and Cora Lu have attracted a devoted clientele in the time their house has been open, and deservedly so; their dresses are the highest of design, leaning in some cases toward the absurdly fantasial levels of upper haute couture.  At the same time, their dresses are wonderfully beautiful, and have graced many a party or ball.  I wore Paper to the get-together I invited my friends to on New Year’s Eve 2008/9.  (That’s me in the center, wearing Paper’s Magpie, with Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook to the right of the picture.)

That time has come again; the couturière and the jeweler have teamed again for what I feel is another smashing fall collection.  Some I’ve spoken with are not so impressed with the results this time around; but I struggled through the sim lag at Tableau region yesterday and gave a good examination of the displays, and promptly wished I had about L$10,000 to spare.  As it was, I found several items I couldn’t do without, and the Lus profited from my visit (grin).

My choice for this outing is Manhattan Brunch.  One look at the texturing of this dress will give you the reason why I chose it; after all, I live in a cottage I’ve decorated in an Art Deco theme.  I really don’t know if this is wearable to an actual brunch, as it seems a little showy for a midday function.  I went ahead and honored the name, though, by wearing a set of daytime leather gloves.

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Put the Blame on Mame, Boys!

Put the blame on Mame, boys
Put the blame on Mame
One night she started to shim and shake
That brought on the Frisco quake
So you can put the blame on Mame, boys
Put the blame on Mame

“Put the Blame on Mame,” by Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher

gilda-1 gilda-2

After reading Elise Petrov’s recent piece on Lemania Indigo Designs in Prissy Pixels, I ran down to the store to see what she has on hand.  I was unfamiliar with LI, and didn’t know what to expect, except from that article.  Well, I was not disappointed, especially on one level.  Lemania has a gown there that I’ve been wanting to find or have made, and she did a good job on it.

The Rita Hayworth movie Gilda is considered a prime piece of early film noir, and set a whole population of postwar men fantasizing of the woman in the skintight black gown.  It marked Rita’s career for the rest of her life, sadly; she did other pictures with less sex appeal, and more chance to display all of her talents, especially her dancing.  But she was known as Gilda from then on.  Take a look at the video above, and you’ll see why.

gilda-3 gilda-4

The gown was designed by Jean Louis, and became the iconic image of the film, as much for its tittilation value as anything.  People wondered for years how that strapless satin gown stayed up while Hayworth strutted and semi-strip-teased around the stage in the casino scene, especially when she had her arms over her head; men kept hoping she would pop out of it some time, and dreaming of it in their sleep!  The secret, revealed by the designer to People in the Eighties, was plastic molding in the bodice that kept it locked onto her breasts.  From

…Using the portrait of Madame X by John Singer Sargent as inspiration, Louis sheathed Hayworth in black satin. He not only created the look that would make Rita Hayworth a star and the dream girl of men all over the world, but also launched the strapless gown as a fashion statement that would last for decades. The strapless gown became the trademark of the Louis-Hayworth association, and Louis would use the same design idea in later films.

The Gilda gown was not only a design marvel, but something of a technical feat as well. It had to be built to stay put while Hayworth sang and danced and its construction demonstrates Louis’ ability to engineer costumes as well as design them….

gilda-5 gilda-6

Lemania caught the feel of this classic dress, as well as the look of that lovely black satin, almost perfectly, down to the drop-dead black gloves.  (It’s a pity that you can’t peel off just one glove, like Gilda does in the film, but that’s not the way this accessory is made to work in Second Life.)


I was trying to get as close to the movie and publicity photos for Gilda as possible, which is why I hunted out (with Fashion Emergency’s help) a Forties-style hairdo.  But there’s a difference between the movie and photos; in the movie, Rita is wearing a necklace, while the stills show her bare-necked.  I went with the stills; this gown is spectacular enough that it doesn’t need that much decoration!  However, if you desired jewelry, keep it simple:  a single-strand necklace, drop earrings, maybe a ring at the most.  One other thing that would go perfectly would be a fur stole — perhaps white as a contrast to the luscious sweep of black you’re wearing.

The details:

  • Shape/skin/eyes/lashes — standard
  • Hair — Kin Keiko Jennifer (cherry)
  • Gown — Lemania Indigo Gilda
  • Shoes — Detour Glamour Metallic pumps (black)
  • Hosiery — G.L.A.M. tintable tights (sheer; colored black by me)
  • Mika Designs cigarette holder (ebony/silver) (Mikaela Rasmuson)

Photos taken by me at Frank’s The Elites club, Franks Place 4 (members only).  Thanks to Elise Petrov and Cajsa Lilliehook.

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Ivalde Challenge (Unofficial) — Retro Meets Modern

Beulah Mills of Ivalde has had an invitational challenge going around the fashion SLogosphere lately:  take some of their vintage/retro designs, and show that you can wear them in modern looks.

I didn’t receive a notecard inviting me to give this a shot; I’m not a regular fashion blogger, after all.  But I’m up to a game where I have a chance; it’s fun posing; I have a Secret Studio that just gathers dust when it’s not in use; and I like spending lindens (grin).  For me, the best way to change a look is to mix and match; so, behold.  (You can behold larger versions of the pictures by clicking on the images; I got tired of the tiny gallery images, and did it this way.)

Ivalde Retropolitan 1930 Ivalde Retropolitan 1930

Ivalde Retropolitan 1930 Ivalde Retropolitan 1930

The gown is Retropolitan, which dates to the 1930s.  It has that classic, flowing look and drape of Thirties period dresses that you see in the movies and fashion spreads of the time, and with the touches of extra femininity like the shoulder frills.  The hairstyle is a little sleek for the period I chose, but not too far off the mark.

Now, drop the skirt, shoulders and gloves, add a pair of more modern pants and sneakers, and change the jewelry around, and you get this:

Modern update Modern update Modern update

…and you get a perfectly lovely top with maybe a smack of peasanty, crunchy-granola feel to it.  The effect is emphasized here by the Earthstones jewelry, some of my favorite pieces.  A woman would not look unusual at all wearing this on a modern street — indeed, she might just draw some admiration for her fashion sense.

Gown details:

  • Hair — UK Couture Bobbi (black) (Corbantis Priestman)
  • Gown — Ivalde Retropolitan 1930 (red) (Neferia Abel)
  • Shoes — Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingbacks (gold) (Nicole David)
  • Stockings — G.L.A.M. gold lycra tights (Chloris Hathor)
  • Jewelry:
    Earrings — Baccara’s Gold Dome earrings (Baccara Rhodes)
    Ring — Muse Catherine black pearl cocktail ring
  • Cigarette holder — MD Elegant holder (ivory/gold, scripted)

Modern details:

  • Ivalde top
  • Pants, shoes, socks — The Prisoner costume (Resident Irwin, freebie available in Port Merion sim)
  • Nails — Pixel Mode sculpted nails
  • Jewelry — EarthStones Crystal Elements Fire suite (set in gold)

You know what they say:  everything old is new again!

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