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Last Days of Second Life Lovecraft Festival

Taking a turn on a delightful little ride for the kiddies….

I can’t believe I only just learned about this, but I did; I haven’t been reading the news as faithfully as I used to. Any road, there’s a Second Life Lovecraft Festival going on for the rest of the weekend. It actually started on the 23rd, but, as I said, I haven’t been keeping up with the news.  Teleport in to the Fairgrounds welcome point, and you can check out the activities, get news and landmarks, and pick up a schedule of events for the remainder of the weekend.

Just remember, as a wise person once said, “Jesus saves; Allah forgives.  Cthulhu thinks you’d make a nice sandwich.”  Also, if you go to anything here, neither Around the Grid nor myself will be held responsible for any loss of sanity you might experience at any of the sims involved.  Therefore, if you’re seeing colors from outer space, hearing creeping hordes chanting “Ia!  Ia!  Shub-Niggurath!” or seeing shambling shoggoths on your tail, it’s all your problem, baby….

Lovecraft’s Dagon Rises from the Machinima

With thanks to Hamlet Au and New World Notes, I just have to share this:  Dagon, based on the short story by H. P. Lovecraft, filmed by Lainy Voom and a team of creators.

You may want to click through to the Vimeo page and watch this in high definition!  A very impressive film!!

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Omega Point Reopens in Second Life

I was distressed when I got the group announcement a few months ago that Omega Point, the dark-fantasy region built by Sweetlemon Jewell, was mostly closing for a substantial rebuild.  Her stores, KWZ and Omega Point, would remain open, but the rest of the sim was getting a thorough makeover.

The rebuilding, I’m glad to say, is now done, though mists still hang about the middle reaches of this strange region, almost a dream — or nightmare — out of Lovecraft or Giger.  The results can be explored starting here, the telehub landing point.  (All internal teleports take you back to the hub, so don’t worry about Emerald point-to-points on double click.  I’m suspecting double-click autopilot will work.)  For an initial taste:

New Omega Point, long view

Unfortunately, I’ve had little time to give it a real exploration; I hope to take care of that on the coming Monday.  Initial impression:  those who remember the original build will recall that it was much larger, and I’m hoping that Sweetlemon and her friends will add more onto this area.  It has great potential, with many of the familiar winding stairs, the same delicious textures, and the wonderful cyber shop of Omega Point, as well as the more playful-Goth (yes, I used that term deliberately) KWZ store. A few other fresh features, such as a “genesis” section — and it looks like that may be the proper term here, judging by the pods I saw projecting from the ground — give promise of more ideas to come.

Sweetlemon, in the meantime, is working on a neighboring sim, called Alpha Point.  There’s one fragment open for general inspection currently; be prepared!

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